Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A quote from Spurgeon

I thought that i would share this, being quite lazy lately on my blog posts-(not that I out of thoughts)
I thought this quote in particular was quite useful:

From a sermon titled: Is it nothing to you? by C.H. Spurgeon

Look at this house to-night, this spectacle, this gathered throng! Into what corner could another hearer be thrust? One would think from the vehement eagerness to enter that we gave some gorgeous entertainment. Come here any night in all the year, or any morning if you like, and still it is the same. Well, why come the people? To see a man in fine raiment? We wear no millinery. To listen to sweet strains of music and the swell of organs? We have none of it. What come
they for? To hear an orator? Far from it. I have never aimed at oratory, or desired to exhibit it. I have preached Christ out of my very soul, and lifted him up as the Savior of men, and therefore the people throng the house, and they always will while Christ is fully preached in language which they can understand. Men need a Savior as hungry men need bread, and as thirsty souls need drink, and they know where that is preached which they require. Go, tell the men that preach the new doctrine that they cannot stir a tiny village with their fine theories, after they have preached them once or twice; and yet for twenty-seven years together we can hold a multitude with no magic but the name of Christ, with no mystery but the cross, the blood, and the one word — “Believe in Christ and live.” Therefore preach I the old, old gospel yet again, harping for ever on that one divine string, which hath yet more music in it than all the flutes, harps, sackbuts, psalteries, and dulcimers of modern thought. If you would have sin forgiven, forgiveness is to be found in Jesus, and only there. “Behold, and see if there be any sorrow like unto his sorrow,” for no other sorrow can wipe away sin — not even the pangs of hell can effect expiation; but the sorrow of Christ can put your sins away. Oh, seek a share in the boundless merit of the Crucified. Turn not away, but seek your Savior’s face at once.


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