Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What a Love, God is

Isn't it amazing that Christ is so glorious, so immaculate, so excellent, so beautiful that He covers such wicked creatures as us?! That to be hid in Christ, is to be continually in the favor of God, to receive CONSTANT love from the Father.
As the Father loves Christ, so He loves us? This is absolutely beyond understanding. I really think what Paul Washer says on this is quite profound (not sure if he's quoting someone else). "the hardest thing you will ever have to believe is that the Father loves you as much as He says He does" to see our failings, our continual sin and rebellion in light of God's absolute HATRED of sin, His very character opposing it and to see that in spite of all that, His love is set upon us everlastingly.
The father delights in our love towards Him, He in fact causes our love to Him. Our love is only the response of His love. A pitiful comparison is constantly before me; and that's the absolute delight i have in my children's love towards me. I can say without a doubt that I have all their hearts and it's wonderful. They want me to see them, they can't wait until I come home, they are excited to even go to the grocery store with me, they're MY boys!
Yet think, how MUCH more God delights in our praises of Him, in our pursuits of Him, in our longings of Him-- this is why religious ruts are so detrimental because they strip the very heart out of our relationship with God. It's not the routines that need to go, it's the dryness, the mechanical 'just going through the motions' ruts that need to go. We all need to just delight ourselves in our great and glorious God!
Let us pray until we really pray, let us be less concerned with who hears us and more thoughtful of our great and glorious Savior. Let us also in our quest to read through the scriptures, seek to read until the very words ignite our hearts, read with expectation of God moving you to the very core. It's an intimate thing for someone to open their heart to another and this is exactly what God has done through His word; more precisely through the work of Spirit as it reveals the word to us.
Enjoy Him today!


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