Monday, April 13, 2009

Are you a Shining star?

I really, really love this song, it was a great song that was used long ago to humble me. I remember seeing a mime performed of this song and it really captured the heart of it.
This is by someone i WOULD NOT recommend, his name is Jason Upton and leans often to the extremes of Charismania. Yet some of his songs are on point (and out of the blue it came to mind).

Yet here is a pride-crushing song for those that want to be BIG, want to SELL themselves, seeking to be SEEN, NOTICED by some ministry. Let this be turned into a searching question: Am I in my attitude, in my speech, in my motives or methods TAKING away from Christ? Let us seek to say with the apostle Paul, I could've impressed you, I could've gained your praise, I could have manipulated you, I could have relied on my ability, but rather I PREACHED CHRIST and HIM CRUCIFIED!

You've got your best man on the front side
You always show your best side
And evil's always on the other side
You say this is your strategy
But son I hope you take it from me
You look just like your enemy
You're full of pride
We better trash our idols if we want to be
In the army of the Lord
And the greatest idol is you and me,
We better get on the threshing floor
When will we learn that God's strategy
Is giving glory to the Lord?
We better trash our idols if we want to be
In the army of the Lord
Star how beautiful you shine
You shine more beautiful than mine
You shine from sea to shining sea
World-wide is your strategy
But shinning star I hope you see
If the whole wide world is staring straight at you
They can't see me...


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