Tuesday, April 21, 2009

boys as OLD as men FUNNY VIDEO

This is a video which I made in light of the ever increasing disporportion of eligble wives and immature boys who just want to play. I for one can't stomach the stories that i hear from Seminary students (and these are from the 'good' ones) of the amount of immaturity prevelant.
There is something drastically wrong when most young men have no real intention of pursuing marriage, at most they wish to participate in unbiblical dating. The family structure within Christianity should NOT be set by a carnal culture and yet it seems the trends don't vary much, rather then live-in partners, we just have a ton of singles still wasting time in High School hobbies! Men! The Church needs MEN! Men who will LEAD, Men who will seek the face of God on behalf of their families, churches, cities etc.. Men who stand for HOLINESS, Men who are serious about God!


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