Monday, April 6, 2009

boys to men pt 2

Doesn't this describe many youth today?

Proverbs 13:4 The sluggard craves and gets nothing, but the desires of the diligent are fully satisfied. Proverbs 20:4A sluggard does not plow in season; so at harvest time he looks but finds nothing. Proverbs 21:25The sluggard's craving will be the death of him, because his hands refuse to work. Proverbs 26:16 The sluggard is wiser in his own eyes than seven men who answer discreetly.
Young person does such an attitude describe you? Parent does such a child look like yours or headed that way?

It seems the lack of diligence is abounding in our culture among church families. To a degree, diligence is a part of true conversion- diligence in some form, as pertains to the things of the Lord. What i mean in this regard is that if there's absolutely NO effort on the part of a young person to read the word, to pray and to participate in good works then it's absolutely inconceivable that such a one is saved.
Laziness in our modern vernacular could be phrase as such: a microwave society mentality. We want it fast and easy. Yet this is NOT God's way of doing things, all that is given value before the Lord entails hard work. Our sanctification, our thinking, our marriages, our jobs, parenting, the health of the church, our bodily health, everything that is of worth requires some form of personal sacrifice.
This is a concept that is quite foreign to the immature masses today, and this is why many boys in seminaries will bear NO FRUIT and will certainly NOT help the body of Christ, be they reformed or not. This due to their LUST for ease, they have adopted a personal (escape) theology of grace that affords them no fear to sit in ease. This more than anything is my continued frustration with the growing emphasis of contextualization to the point of misrepresenting the thrice Holy Lord Jesus Christ. If anything takes away from a biblical diligence in personal sanctification among ministers then I would oppose it, whether it be apologetics, cultural studies, academics, whatever it be -The personal sanctification of the minister is by far the most important thing- they FAIL here and they disqualify themselves from the ministry.

If you're ever wondered 'how dare people critique a minister, don't we all have flaws" Yes we do, and yes we must approach the body of Christ with grace. Yet a minister is distinctly called and qualified of God, if his life does not stand up to the standard set forth in the word then he is to be called to account.
What is lacking among young ministers, above all things is not a lack of academics, it's not a lack of cultural relevance, it's not even a lack of certainty but a lack of familiarity with God, a lack of familiarity with the scriptures. The very things that stand out among the men greatly used of God in the past are the very things that seem to lack among the men coming up today!
Consider how many people make reference to their respect and admiration of John Piper and John Macarthur, how much they have benefited from their ministries, yet when it comes to personal sanctification they're dinosaurs (their view of holiness is a little outdated--too many cautions, we young men today are much stronger than that). Just another generation of boys, looking for that 'secret', most of these young men have their 'vision', 'game plan', 'strategy' laid out and unfortunately they are marked by 'their' method! This is APPALLING! This just won't DO! I remember listening to a sermon by Sinclair Ferguson on preaching Christ in all the scriptures and he was lamenting the fact that an American minster while golfing with, Ferguson asked 'so what's YOUR thing?' and then he went on to say that's the problem, too many people have a 'thing'. Then Sinclair made the point that there is such a lack of ministers that people would describe them first by saying 'they preach CHRIST'! What a shame that this is so true, where are the HOLY ministers? Where are the ministers who can actually use scripture as their best illustrations?
Ask a lazy young person what they want to do and you'll get a 'something easy that gets me a lot of money' answer, though they have no intentions of working for it. They are dazzled by the overnight success stories of young people and think 'that'll be me'. Not only is laziness the issue but a misplacement of values. The saying 'do what you love' just doesn't fit the majority of people in life. Rather we need to teach 'LOVE what you do' and 'do what you need to do'!
Until a young person understands this, understands what is necessary they are in for a big depressing surprise! It's just another way that we have accepted the influence of the culture,
adopting as fact silly tests of God's will like 'what's your heart telling you?' and 'well what's your passion?'. Subjective things like our passion and our 'heart' must be first regulated by the word of God and then by wisdom. Ok so you got a passion for something, big deal, are you actually good at this passion, will you work at perfecting it, and is it worth the trouble?
Immaturity is marked by a unwillingness to count the cost and to make rash decisions. What we radically need today for our young people is not peep talks and affirmations of "you can be anything you want to be and i'll support you!" that might be the norm but it didn't arrive from the scriptures. Young people need reality checks not more people who can dream with them, we must strive to instill proper values in them, regulated by the word of God. In this way their refusal to seek counsellors, may be remedied; if they aren't seeking your advice, give it anyway (pry into their thoughts, test to see if there's any willingness to be diligent, any commitments to anything, any consideration of the future or the consequences of their plans).
Tell them of what they haven't though about, what they haven't considered: if they are a child of God then they should be much more concerned with how their involvement in the local church and their responsibilities in leading (or caring for) a family will be AFFECTED by their employment plans.
Young person you WILL reap what you sow, in the natural as well as in the spiritual. Let me ask then young person (or parent) what exactly are you doing NOW that will bless you later? In what area of life (other than the media) are you diligent in?
NEWSFLASH!!! There's NO metamorphosis that you go through when you hit 18,20,25 etc.. you'll always be a boy (or a little girl) until you apply wisdom. Are you preparing to be Wife, a husband, a mother, a father, a minister, a teacher, or a servant, are you paying attention to the lives around you? You should be taking notes, you should be noting those things you definitely want to implement (biblically) and those things you definitely want to avoid-learn from the mistakes and successes of others!


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