Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Intellectual revival? MIKE MORROW

Brother Kevin from puritanfellowship just posted this, and it's a much needed insight

Christ Did Not Die Just To Give You Doctrine, But Himself.-Mike Morrow
"We have been recently in a revival of intellectualism. We have a new surge of interest in doctrine and in truth, we really want to know the truth and we really want to know doctrine, and we're interested in making sure that all of our 'I's are dotted and our 'T's are crossed. Making sure that everything we believe is exactly in line with what somebody else, who's supposed to know, believes. We've got it all figured out. Well I tell you, I almost got to the place one time where I despised the word 'Calvinism'... I tell you something, Hell is going to be full of Calvinists. There are a lot of people who have gotten all excited about doctrine and somehow they feel like they've seen something and they know something that other people don't know and it gives them this puffed up feeling, this exalted feeling, this sense of I know something about God and I have this insight into the truths of God. I wanna tell you something, the Word of God teaches that Christ did not die to give you great insights and truths of the nature of God or just to give you doctrine. Jesus Christ died to bring us to God Himself.

I was with brother Paul, I went to hear brother Washer preach on one occasion over in Bowling Green, Kentucky... I was talking to brother Paul and as it always happens, he was crowded, crowded around with young men, young preachers... and one of them asked him a question, and brother Paul kind of smiled and deferred to me, he said "this is an older Pastor.. ask this man", so the boy asked me the question. But I just felt the need when I finnished saying what little bit I said to ask him, I said "tell me when you were saved, tell me about your salvation." This is what he said, 'Well I was raised in so-and so church of Christ and I was baptised at such-a-place, now let's get back to [my question]' and I said "Woe, woe, woe, woe, wait-a-minute, tell me when you were saved." Well he kind of stepped back and looked offended. He said 'I've just told you I was raised in this certain church of Christ and I was baptised at a certain age now brother Paul, about this doctrinal problem"
And I'm going to tell you something, there are multitudes of young men and women today who are being taught and think somehow in their mind, that [they're saved] if they have an intellectual grasp of the Gospel, if they have an intellectual grasp of the five points of Calvinism, but I'm here to tell you that just because you have an intellectual understanding of the Gospel, doesn't mean [you know God]".~Dr. Michael Morrow.

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