Friday, April 24, 2009

a lesson from Ahab and Jezebel

Not too long ago did I read through the account of King Ahab and it's quite interesting to note how much is blamed upon him for what at times seems to be Jezebel's sins. I suppose one could make a case for Ahab's role as King and how he was a weak man that should have taken charge and this is why he is blamed for everything.
Yet I'm convinced there's much more, Ahab is guilty of much more than just 'giving in'. Ahab was a deceiver, he loved deception (surrounded himself with false prophets) and rejected the truth (avoided the prophets whose words always came to pass). Ahab was such a deceiver that he thought he could escape death by deception (yet a stray arrow found him).
Call to mind his encounter with Elijah where Elijah demonstrated who was the real God (fire consuming the wet sacrifice). Yet even at such a clear demonstration of God's power and mercy, Ahab runs to Jezebel. Call to mind the issue with Naboth's Vineyard, who refused to sell his inheritance to Ahab. What does Ahab do? He sulks, he pouts, and who happens to see this? BINGO! Jezebel again! Jezebel makes sure he gets it, and what does poor victimized Ahab do when he hears about it 'and as soon as Ahab heard that Naboth was dead, Ahab arose to go down to the vineyard of Naboth the Jezreelite, to take possession of it.' 1 Kings 21:16
Does this sound familiar, doesn't the picture of a spoiled rotten child come to mind? What then do children that are spoiled do? One will burn with rage, stop their feet, tell you they HATE you, and demand to have it or ELSE and the other will cry, mope, drop their heads and tell you that you don't love them and beg you as though life depended on it.
King Ahab was the cry baby sort, he used Jezebels ruthlessness to his own gain, he could get his way and not even have to make the calls!
Some children have mastered this form of manipulation to escape punishment and to get their way. Some spouses have used this, in order to get their way. Some within the church are using this against their pastors. It may also be a nice way of manipulating others into not confronting you because you're such a delicate case! Oh let us beware of such manipulation and fight against it!


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