Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ps 50 Wrong impression of God, Vblog evangelistic

From psalm 50:
An excellent psalm describing the thoughts of the wicked towards God, especially those who would give some form of profession to belief, love or trust in God. Yet it is clear God does not see things as they do, and yet men who are set in their ways deceive themselves into thinking as is well.
Another Evangelistic blog that I hope may be used to the glory of God


Bobby Mosteller

Amen brother. That is all I can say....

Keep 'em coming.


Julius Mickel

Thanks for the encouragment, I was pondering the effectiveness of Vblogs but i've begun to look at it differently now: just think how cool it will be to have something my children or grandchildren can remember me by (scary too).

BTW how do i get the 'recent comments' on my blog front page (like the one you have)?

Bobby Mosteller

Hey Julius,

Keep it up bro. Ya never know who is watching...

Just go to my recent comments and under them it says

Add this to your site...The link should take you to the code.

Peace and Grace, BM

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