Thursday, April 9, 2009

This books tops them ALL!

I would like to tell you of my favorite book. This book exalts Christ as no other book that i have read, and guarantee can never be topped.
The author known to a small remnant, but quite misrepresented by most, has contributed to countless articles, blogs, books, and even sermons, has also written 66 masterpieces, covering topics such as love stories, war, betrayal, murder, family life, nature pieces, poetry, proverbs and even prophecies to name a few.
The most underrated author of all time: The all-wise, all-powerful, all-lovely, all-supreme, Alpha and Omega the Lord God Almighty!
Yet the book i would suggest to be read by all and perhaps some would only shrink from because it's so often referenced to, is the Gospel of John!
Dear reader how long has it been since you have been struck with awe-inspiring worship as you read the scriptures? Not what new book or even new sermon has moved you, but when's the last time you were brought to fresh amazement or conviction alone with God and His word?
I would suggest that the book of John is one of those books that can bless you with fresh focus. A book which exalts the deity of Christ- which exalts the heart of Christ, which exalts His desire for intimacy with His people. It's a book that is filled with fire, yet filled with poetry-like expressions of relational love.
Read it until you weep, until it breaks your heart, read it as it was written to you (read it as a baby Christian who isn't thinking about what others have said about this or that wrongly, but reading it selfishly wanting God all for YOURSELF).
Stop at every time Jesus uses another I AM.... description of Himself and just ponder over the implications of how that applies to you- with what emotion He must had said these words.
Consider also the intimacy Christ expressed to His disciples, how much He opened His heart to them and (knowing that which would be written) to us.
Consider also Judas, and perhaps our own knowledge of grace before we were saved and how we too betrayed Him, traded Him for our own gain, yet we were given mercy.
Consider the intimacy Christ had with the Father, this fluid and perfect communion that existed from eternity and yet what a breach, what a crushing blow, what a heart smashing, what a emotional slaughter, what a physical torment, and what a mind maddening, total person CRUSHING of the Son as He bore the displeasure of God on our behalf, as He a spotless lame took our filthy shame and became sin for us.
Consider also the hope, the power, the excitement, the victory, and the fulfilled promise of His Glorious Resurrection.
I give this book 7 out of 6 :) !


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