Thursday, April 16, 2009

Underdog's rise to fame!

Thanks to my yahoo email account, my front page has that 'interesting news' bit, that usually is just a major time killer.
Yet i was thinking in regards to that recent story of Susan Boyle the British unlikely candidate to rise to fame. The stir of course is quite amusing and quite sad.
Is this an example of the world acting as the church, 'rejoicing with those who rejoice'? OR is it a form of envy, a 'sure wish that was me, if i had that money i would...' ?
I Hope and pray that no believer would fall prey to the things that excite the world, more importantly we should be on guard as to WHY we might get excited.
Isn't this typical of carnal inspiration stories, usually based upon getting money! What does our conversation and delight in such say to others? What does it say to the young people? It says if you can become famous or rich even for a short time than that's an ACHIEVEMENT.
Yet the Christian worldview would call us to think in terms of eternity, as regards our time on earth to think in terms of the 'long run'. More than not, many so called stars aren't prepared for the long run, they aren't even considering the future. Many stories of athletic stars don't ever give the whole picture, we see the awards, we see the salaries, we see the fans, but what about the cost? What did it cost their family? What happened to them when they were no longer 'on top' what may have seemed like success may have been a time of famine (a total loss) because they invested everything they were and had into this temporary dream!
Another pitiful carnal thought is excitement over someone's victory because you feel 'now it will be better for them' is that also the heart of inspirational stories? Like this lady who's unmarried, was picked on as a child and has battled depression: Finally she's got the cure! Finally she can get BACK at those people who doubted her, finally she won't need anyone, finally she'll now be turning down people. Any of these thoughts hit a nerve? They are sinful thoughts, we should feel sorry for her not because of her 'rough' life but because how disillusioned she will be after all this fades. It's as the scripture says 'the deceitfulness of riches' and certainly there is a deceitfulness in the praise of men, it will fade, it quickly turns and it's purely shallow. The lust for such things is never satisfied, it only breeds greater hunger and though we need to be honest in what we delight in and WHY, let us not leave it at that but repent of any substitutes that would attempt to convince us that they can bring us the peace, joy, or security that the Father promises and provides!
It all goes back to thinking like 'if only i had that something THEN...' no no no. That something that is missing is EVERYTHING. That something, that someone is Christ, nothing compares, nothing can be held up to that.
Let us seek to be sober-minded in this world, to be unshakable in our resolve to think of and speak of Christ as the only satisfaction, the only success, the only comfort available for a sin soaked world!


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