Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Absolutely Must-Listen stuff 1

I've been meaning to put this together so I'll go ahead this time, hoping someone reads this and discovers something quite fruitful:

I'm limiting myself to mostly Sermonaudio.com stuff since it's so user-friendly (need help? just ask)
Please seek to listen to these sermons, I for one hate to waste time and have no stomach for fluff and so I have attempted to put this together for you.

I'll start with Pastor Albert Martin, who especially can draw out choice meat on various series and has a great handle on theology AND practice.

6 part series on the
The Bridled Tongue (rarely ever taught)
9 part series on the
Fear of God
6 part series on
The Divine Antidote to Sexual Impurity (insightful)
5 part series on
A call to the Ministry
2 part series on
the Sovereignty of God (especially good for someone new or opposed to it)
2 part
Carnal Christian series
What's Wrong With Preaching Today (also available in print from Banner of Truth)
3 part series on
The woman of Proverbs 31 (a great women's conf speaker)
6 part series on
Family Living

Pastor CONRAD MBEWE (an incredible expositor in the line of Martyn Lloyd-Jones)
True Church Conf 09
the radical depravity of man
A 3 part of many concerning
Roms 8:28
For more on Roms 6-7 (excellent) and some of John go
African Conference
The Pastor and Doctrine A Man called of God

Pastor Curt Daniels
A thorough yet understandable 75 part series on the
history of theology of Calvinism

Michael Phillips
37 wonderfully balanced church history biographical
A simple and good 9 part intro to the
five points of Calvinism (good to give someone new or opposed to Calvinism)

I'll try my best to give a wide range of sermons including some i've been privileged to attend.
A biblical pastor part one (
here) and part two (here)
Ten indictments against the church watch
The kingdom of heaven is like a treasure
Everything is Missions (
here) and Missions and Your family (here) (attended these sermons)
Special Q&A with Voddie Baucham
pt1 and pt2
A dating sermon
here (young people and parents you must LISTEN)
4 Part FAMILY series
5 part GLORY of God series
The meaning of the cross
2 part on God's love for His bride
4 part on the true gospel
here (first time hearing Paul in person and this was the most solemn of them all)

Voddie Baucham an extremely gifted preacher/teacher who has a rare and biblical grasp on the culture, on church, and on family. Very straightforward and practical and oddly enough many who don't put into practice what he forcefully preaches, still love him.
Biblical view of 'RACES'
here Centrality of the home here
A rare gem on church planting
here (not the typical marketing garbage)
Biblical headship (a MUST for men)
Healing for Marriages (a must for couples)
A family guide to the church
Child training
Closing the generation gap

Charles Leiter A very clear conversational form of preaching that seeks to cover as much as possible, if you listen to this brother you'll never miss his point even if you disagree (get Justification and Regeneration-a masterpiece of grace)

Lion and the Lamb here

Violent men here

Loneliness of Christ (much comfort) here

Superficial faith (A MUST concerning false motives and views about faith-tons of helpful and eye opening examples) here

The Law of Christ part ONE TWO THREE

That should keep you busy for a week or so :) Seriously though I have attempted to pick out some of the most fruitful messages that many might be unfamiliar with. Messages that are not only full of precious gospel truth but full of passion and the holiness of His people!

LET ME KNOW if something blesses you (well comment to encourage others to listen)!



That's a wonderful list. I knew some of these guys but I'm going to have to listen to some of the others. Thanks!

Andrew M

Thank you for this list - looking forward to listening through them.

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