Saturday, May 9, 2009

Filthy hell deserving women

This has been on mind for a while, and I only mention that because as I started writing this I thought 'uh oh, it's mother's day tomorrow, I hope no one reads into this'.
Yet wouldn't it be great if some mothers who may be receiving much praise, come across this sober message and perhaps are saved!?

Let me start out with a question: What's missing from these accounts?
The account of Eve and her fall
The daughters of Lot who get him drunk and then sleep with him
Job's wife who's contribution to his suffering was to 'curse God and die'
The wickedness of Queen Jezebel
The filthy adulterous woman of proverbs
The many temple prostitutes
The backstabbing Delilah
The Samaritan Woman at the well
The possessed girl that followed the Apostle Paul around

Answer? Where's the info on their pasts? What about that 'missing' father figure? What about her 'need' for intimacy and self esteem? What about the cultures pressure upon her roles? What about the abusive men in her life? What of her seeking 'love' in all the wrong places?

None of the typical psychological GARBAGE that has been bought by so many within the church today, it's as though we believe in a gospel that tells men they are OFFENDERS and women are VICTIMS. Why oh why do we sugarcoat the gospel when we address women, appealing to their emotions? Even within the reformed camp, the gospel presented to women might as well include 'God shaped hole in your heart' fluff, with the "God is a gentlemen, He won't force His way in" "He just wants to cuddle you". No dear girl, no dear mother, no dear sister, no dear wife, God HATES your sin, and His wrath CLINGS to you, God sees no disconnect between you and your sin. God knows that you do what you do because you LOVE sin, and you LOVE self, and because of this you ultimately HATE God. To even hint at the possibility that your sins are the result of something someone else has done is contrary to scripture. Jesus didn't pay for the sins of victims, because there are none, Jesus died for hell-deserving CRIMINALS.
Jesus Christ died for worship (attention) craving women,
He died for filthy lust producing harlot dressed teases,
He died for wild sex craved party girls,
He died for emotional rollercoaster self-pitiers,
He died for selfish manipulating guilt producing women
He died for serpent tongued backstabbing gossips
He died for power hungry head of household wannabes
He died for mean self-righteous pilgrim dressing plain Janes
He died for mothers who refuse to discipline their children
He died for daughters who refuse to honor their parents, and consistently rebel and deceive
He died for wives who refuse to honor their husbands
Woman, your sins were just as costly as any man's, for you are without a doubt a rebel against God and had you the best of circumstances, the best of looks, the best of male figures, the best of attention and comfort you be no less of a sinner in need of grace then you are today. You need a substitute, you need a Savior. You MUST face your wilful sin against the powerful, holy, just, good and beautiful God, turn from that sin and turn to God. You must repent of your wickedness and put your faith in Christ or else you too will perish (will suffer God's eternal wrath)!


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