Saturday, May 16, 2009

Homeschooling, some random and unorganized thoughts

I am thoroughly convinced that homeschooling is the best option for children. I was convinced of this early in my Christian pilgrimage as was my wife, this before I ever met any homeschoolers, this long long before I ever heard there was such a thing as 'homeschool' movement.
Initially without much concentrated study I came to such conclusions because of the Bible's emphasis on training children, my own grasp that children are moldable, and that parents could do a better job.
HOWEVER, I do think parents need to be qualified.
They are qualified when they are RESOLVED to play close attention to their children
They are qualified when they are resolved to consistently discipline their children
They are qualified when they are resolved to trust (to seek) God for success
They are qualified when they are resolved to be living examples before their children
They are qualified when they are resolved to model submission to biblical authority
They are qualified when they are resolved to teach for the glory of God, NOT morality
What's amusing is how some teachers get the credit for what the parents spend countless nights teaching their children (what's called homework often turns into an introduction to that subject or topic).

'Children can be salt' this is by far the worst argument, children are impressionable (would you let them join a gang to be salt?, what if you learned the Sunday school teacher was homosexual would you let your child be salt?). MORE then we guard ourselves, we are to guard our children: Do not even MATURE believers have to GUARD themselves from certain company? Doesn't the 'bad' company of MATURE believers tempt us? Then how MUCH MORE is a child influenced by a godless (an ANTI-GOD, an aggressively anti-biblical) environment. So they tell you something their science teacher said about evolution, well what about the things they didn't catch (historical things, moral and ethical things, 'tolerance' propaganda, etc..)?
Above that many children are engaged in constant after-school activities (sports, clubs) that hinder the small possibility that the parent will have much influence or for that matter knowledge of what their children are being confronted with.

If you could seriously hold that public school is a 'good' thing, then your child must have MUCH of your time, in order for them to NOT be conformed to this godless culture, in order for them to be prepared for the violent onslaught they MUST have DOCTRINE; I speak of more than just bible quizzing stuff, more than adventures in Odyssey fluff, but HARDCORE catechisms and exposure to searching applications of scripture (preaching)!

Are Christian schools any better? Depends! What are their standards? Not their statements, not their oaths or what the founders of the school had to say, but WHO do they let in the classrooms?? Who do they let in the administration? If I am confusing you, then take a peek into the history of many schools today that many call 'liberal', I call then heretical apostate factories, and you will see the fall of many initially great schools. With that said, a school that has been infiltrated by heresy or hypocrisy will do MORE harm then a public school.

The lack of accountability in the public school system is appalling, the union for teachers work like the MAFIA (once you're in you are safe, even IF the media is against you).

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