Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Lack of testing

The lack of testing today has brought undue strain to the body of Christ, and has indeed caused the name of God to be blasphemed among the wicked!
A lack of understanding as regards true conversion and true calling as well as an incredibly low view of the Holiness of God resulting in a low amount of fear towards God has left many doors open which need closing.
To read non-contemporary books, which usually means the books that have lasted because of the timeless truths they bear, will put you face to face with the necessity to test all things. Doesn't it seem rather odd that such attention is given to true and false conversion, as well as true and false callings? Whether it's Lloyd-Jones, Pink, Ryle, Spurgeon, the Puritans etc, the amount of attention given to the fact that many preaching in pulpits may not only be unqualified but may indeed be unconverted seems quite alien to many. It would seem to many to be something that isn't even possible, yet it is: In fact this would bring much sense to the scriptures frequent warnings about fruit and false teachers.
In otherwords this is NOT something that is applicable to Southern Baptists ONLY, this is a sin problem, a ignorance problem, a timeless problem! The fact remains that there are not only many professors that are lost, but even ministers that are lost as well; this is frightening. Oh how needed is the gospel today, a clear gospel, a confrontational gospel!
Such a reality is especially needed in reformed circles, let it be remembered that the men who were giving attention to these things were reformed men, speaking largely to their reformed audience. With that said it's even more frightening that some think 'doctrinal accuracy' is the mark of conversion and the mark of a true calling to the ministry. There are perhaps a thousands of teen ministries that would reveal young people able to answer theological questions, bible quizzers able to master books of the bible, while living no different then their unconverted schoolmates!
To a degree, seminaries could prove at fault for such a problem, if they aren't confronting students with the reality of testing themselves. Otherwise some may receive a false comfort, sense of call, and assurance of salvation from their academic achievement (including the praises that accompany it).
Yet above all the responsibility must fall upon churches, and though many churches talk of these things, how many are actually applying such realities to their own ministries? How many are closely examining not only their members, but also their elders and prospective pastors?


Bobby Mosteller

Amen brother...

So many points that needed to be made. It is sad and astounding how many people, even in the reform camp, who think they are saved because of their doctrinal affiliation (I know, I use to be one).

It is a sad state of affairs but many that stand in the pulpits have yet to be converted. Big business church is a breeding ground for this.

A confrontational gospel is EXACTLY what is needed. "We must make much of sin" as bro Washer would say.

Thanks for this...your post are a constant revival to my soul.


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