Monday, May 4, 2009

True Fellowship is worth it

I beg you listen to the sermon below.
True fellowship, that which ONLY believers can enjoy, that which ONLY Christ is exalted in, is worth the trouble! Sacrificing our time and our comfort is well worth the benefit of true fellowship.
Isn't this why some ministers and laymen absolutely love going to conferences because they find 'others' like them that are serious about God, that delight to speak much of Christ?
I for one have grieved about the fact that some people would chose a church because of a group they identify with, specifically I'm thinking of homeschoolers that I know that have left a church to go where they can find other homeschoolers. Yet rethinking such, what does that imply? It must imply that some of them so longed for fellowship that they couldn't find in their local church, and they desired to be among other parents who were struggling and succeeding in such a sacrifice.
The fact of the matter is that what most people call fellowship is NOT fellowship. As is alluded to in the message below, isn't the best times you've ever had with others been transparent, worshipful, communication about the things of the Lord? Isn't this why there is for the most part such an anticipation of hearing or eating with missionaries because you have left such encounters spiritually refreshed?
I among others can speak of the reality of a busy lifestyle, especially as a husband and father (or wife and mother) and realizing that any and everything extra is a sacrifice of time and energy, so I like many families need much motivation to make such an investment. I just can't reconcile doing something for the sake of doing something, for the look. I remember the time when I was obsessed with church and would participate in everything (even above the ministers) yet in those days I was without Christ. Yet is this what Christianity is about? Just showing up? Is that true fellowship? Is that a true commitment to a local church? I think not!
Doesn't it defeat the purpose of meeting with other believers if you never get past pleasantries, if you never get beyond just hanging out; does that sharpen one another, does that create community? I think not!
I hope you like myself desire true fellowship, I hope you cherish the little you may find, and I pray that you would grasp the significance of it.
I've met a couple of inmates that said they had sweeter fellowship in prison. Why? Because they were thinking about the battle before them, they grasped the need to encourage one another not to lose heart, they relished the hope of a better place (ultimately with Christ). Isn't this the testimony of persecution? That the TRUE believers band together and seek his kingdom?


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