Tuesday, May 12, 2009

We are co-heirs!

A star gazing passage!

Romans 8:16-17
16The Spirit himself testifies with our spirit that we are God's children. 17 Now if we are children, then we are heirs—heirs of God and co-heirs with Christ, if indeed we share in his sufferings in order that we may also share in his glory.
This is without a doubt such a passage that commands pause, let us marinate in this truth, this great expectation of such a reality.
The Spirit of God testifies within us that we are born of God, we find such a 'testifying' by the 'leading' of the Spirit spoken just before this. What kind of leading? The kind that tells me what color socks to put on, what way to walk out of my door? Absolutely NOT! The leading of the Spirit, is the leading unto obedience. We have been given freedom, not freedom to sin (which Paul covers in chapter 6) but now we have freedom to serve (to obey). A freedom which we did NOT have prior to this. Man is utterly UNABLE to please God ('those in the flesh CANNOT please God' Roms 8:8), Man has no good within him ('None are righteous no not one' Roms 3:10), Man doesn't and can't seek God ('there is none that seeketh after God' Roms 3:11) .
So by the sovereign pleasure of God, in the abundance of His mercy, in the great overstocked storehouse of His love, He has redeemed a people for Himself. What must never be forgotten is that man absolutely deserves to suffer hell-fire eternally and God owes no man the 'chance' to be saved (though we as those who have received mercy ARE commanded to GIVE (offer) mercy to ALL (everyone)). To quote my fav (holy hip hop) artist Timothy brindle 'you should be surprised He's saving any!' Yet when we question God about this, when we object to this clear teaching set forth throughout scripture; we do so for one of two reasons, either we don't believe man is dead in sin and that God has to give him life in order to believe OR we are absolutely ignorant of God's definition of JUSTICE and MERCY (hence why many can't stomach the thought that 'many' will perish).
Yet we have received mercy, we have received FREEDOM. We have entered into an inheritance. We can know that we are children of God when as is spoken of so clearly in this chapter as well as Roms 6 and 7, when our lives are marked with a (never experienced before) perpetual BATTLE with sin and temptation. A battle which at it's core motivation is the desire to OBEY God, and at the core of it's strength is the working of the Spirit. SO we fight because we are children of God not to become children of God.
Those who don't fight for holiness are those who don't have the Spirit, and those who don't have the Spirit are those who don't have salvation. To live habitually unrepentant, to live in a perpetual state of rebellion, to live unchanged is to live without Christ; such a life has NEVER received freedom from the penalty of sin, because there's no evidence that they have received freedom from the power of sin. Such a link is promised of God, it is a guaranteed link which Christ taught us to look for. Those whom God justifies He also sanctifies and those who enter through the narrow gate walk the narrow path!
Christ made a way where there was NO way, He cut a door into a cell without a door, Christ is our HOPE! Likewise Christ is the gospel, heaven is what heaven is because of the King. This King, God Almighty has poured upon His people (those who repent and believe) unrestricted grace and favor. God opened the flood gates of heaven and has showered us with a blessing that is far above what we could ask or even desire. That great blessing, that unfathomable favor is full son ship. We have all been given the privilege of the firstborn, we are not just heirs (which would still be unthinkable), but we are co-heirs with CHRIST?!
It would have been great if we could have only escaped hell, if God had freed us and then told us 'because of your filthy deeds, though I have forgiven you, you must stay out of my sight and so i will make a special place where you can live for eternity'. On the contrary God has lavished His love on us, He has snatched us from ourselves and made us anew. Though we are growing in likeness to Christ, we shall one day be like Him, yet His love towards us has not been held back, we can now cry Abba, Father. Unlike an earthly adoption, God doesn't 'try' to love us as His own, God doesn't have to grow into loving us and treating us equally, but God makes us His!
By the death of Christ, by His suffering we now enjoy fellowship with God. Yet many won't, many might want such an inheritance but they refuse to enter God's house, they refuse His conditions for adoption, they run from and against Him, hoping to claim a piece of the will on that last day. Such are like those orphans presented with an offer to become a part of someone's family but don't show up at the proceedings yet at the death of the once potential parents assume that they still deserve to get something. What type of inheritance would heaven be to those who don't enjoy worshipping and serving the King now? Such will NOT want to be there, a person who can't stand the commands of God now will never enjoy them in heaven. The person who is rather annoyed that all praise and credit should go solely to God, will be bored to tears in heaven. If such a soul could (and they can't) enter heaven, they would fall quicker then Satan, for they would enter with the PRIDE that caused his fall!
Yet we have been given such a heart that can appreciate, that can enjoy, that can long for, that can worship the God of heaven, for we have been called into the family of God as co-heirs with Christ!


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