Sunday, June 28, 2009

Artistic, doesn't mean sin-free

A biblical worldview! Hmm for some that phrase seems to go no further then evolution vs creation, and then there are some more 'radical' ones that also include their political choices.
On the contrary to have a biblical worldview, means that we apply the scriptures to EVERY aspect of our lives, not what we consider the more important items. It's a worldview that must be acquired through DILIGENT study of the scriptures, through much humility (teachableness) and much repentance and it's a practice of a lifetime!
Well there is one aspect of our culture that some seem to still not apply the scriptures to, and that's entertainment (that's no surprise), but I want to address one specific aspect of entertainment and that's 'art'.
A rule to keep in mind and I hope you will see as you apply what I say to the scriptures, not to your 'taste', not to 'popular' opinion, not your 'feelings', no not one of those factors has ANY WEIGHT WHATSOEVER when it comes to 'what saith the scriptures': that rule being, if it's lustful it is SINFUL!
A major factor in 'art' is sex appeal, is it's use of man's (including women) LUSTS. To call something 'art' doesn't place something in neutral category and NO true believer REALLY thinks so; I say that because if you take whatever excuse they use to extremes, then they WILL at some place want to place boundaries (that place being where 'they' find it too objectionable).
Let the world call it art, let the world give it special names and special allowances but let the people of God call it for what it is, SIN!
Now you may that I love to dance, I like my music loud and I physically respond to music: BUT there are things that I don't enjoy and that I don't like. I absolutely HATE all sensual dancing (unless it's between you and your wife), I hate sensual lyrics (naturally I exclusively listen to Christian and to be more clear 'Christ-centered' music, unless it's instrumental). I also HATE men that dance feminine (please don't miss how significant a role art places in shaping a cultures mindset about these issues). Yet a great deal of 'dancing' has so much to do with sexual lust, it doesn't matter if it's called Latin, urban, romantic etc. if it's sexual then it's sinful, that's NOT something any believer should EVER admire. Not just including, but even MORE especially regarding children, it's not 'cute' for a 6yr old girl to move her hips sexually (and yes even during service some ladies need to be more aware of what parts of their bodies they are moving).
Let the world think what it wants but let us REFUSE to admire 'art' if it's sexual: that includes so called 'fashion shows' or 'beauty pageants' which AT BEST is soft porn. That includes paintings and sculptures which are simply 'respectable pornography' for the higher classes.

That reminds me of something else I absolutely hate, something that turns my stomach: Catholic art with it's perversion of God, Christ, angels and it's insistence on making men look feminine and women look masculine- someone could buy me a million dollar piece and it will NOT be found in my house. What blasphemy those pieces are and how incredibly sad that there are Christians that actually admire this garbage.
Please, I beg you examine yourself in these matters and don't brush it off so lightly, is it no longer because it's called 'artistic'? Will your arguments only show your hypocrisy later on when you attempt to limit that 'artistic' expression when your children want to be Madonna? That's as weak an argument that would contend that something is no longer sinful if it's 'funny'.
A point of application? Well if you got a 'one eyed devil' (an old term used for the TV, which still cracks me up) but seriously, this would be a good time to stop watching those 'competition' shows where a great majority of it is purely sensual. It's not art, it's simply selling sex and you're buying it (the 'idol' shows, the dancing with shows and whatever I don't have any clue about), whether you realize it or not, these things ARE affecting you; sensual lust is one of those things the scriptures commands us to FLEE from (not hold your ground, not intercede about, not endure, not even fight) from this BAIT we MUST FLEE!


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