Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The only remedy to an undisciplined life

Has your strength been failing, dear believer? Do you search in vain for a remedy?
Perhaps you could do with a better church, better fellowship, or a better relationship (a spouse or a child) maybe?
No believer, the only remedy to an undisciplined life, is a disciplined life.
Imagine if Paul Washer was your personal mentor, John Macarthur was your next door neighbor, Voddie Baucham was your father in law, and John Piper was your pastor, then and only then would you...........NOPE!!! Even under the best possible conditions (what YOU may think they are) if you neglect the means (tools, disciplines) that God has ORDAINED for your sanctification (your progressive holiness, conformity to Christ) then you can expect the best of men to profit you nothing.
In otherwords the Lord wishes to teach you dear believer to lean upon Him, not upon man. He indeed uses men, but they do not replace the work of the Spirit! Would you blame others for your weakness? A pastor, a church, a friend, a spouse, a child, a parent, or even your present location? None can be blamed but yourself, for God has provided all you need in order to grow fruitfully for him. Yet when you blame your surroundings, your circumstances for the lack of holiness in your life, you ultimately blame God. You may as well charge God with making a mistake because you would dare claim that His sovereign plans have led you to fail.
At the very least, you must have, what God has made available to you:

The scriptures must be read and studied, do you wish to meditate upon them,then read much of them. Expect very little from rushed time with God (as you would expect no effect from telling your wife 'ok babe I have ten minutes to hear what's on your heart and then I'm gone"). There will be no 'renewing of the mind' with the scriptures given as much attention as is given to commercials.
Prayer must also be diligently pursued: pleading to God on behalf of self and on behalf of others is vital to your growth, because God wishes you to learn your dependence upon Him. Thanksgiving and praise towards God will increase your faith, teach you contentment and cause you to give God all the glory.
Although we fight, although we press hard, and though we struggle much; it is all done in the strength and grace that God provides. There should no retreat and no surrender to the weaknesses within, to our excuses, instead we should lay hold upon our great and glorious redeemer. Lastly we must approach all these things with one focus and that is our desire to be closer to God; to have greater intimacy with Him and so these 'disciplines' are in fact wonderful opportunities to enjoy God more!


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