Saturday, June 27, 2009

Pastor Conrad Mbewe, a good model

Pastor Conrad Mbewe is a well-known and well respected pastor in Africa, one whom Paul Washer has called his favorite preacher. If you wish to learn about this church planting pastors ministry and how his relationship to Paul Washer started then listen here (which was a midweek missions presentation--my thoughts? Mark Dever should have had him PREACH!).
Well every time Pastor Conrad makes it to the states he preaches at various places above whatever special conference he has been invited for. If you follow his blog you will see times where he sought out people who used to live and attend his church in Africa (what tender care).
Recently he came for the F.I.R.E conference, which was too far for me; but when i checked his blog and saw a post that he was in Michigan (I'm in Ohio) i was a little upset. He got to meet Joel Beeke and do some preaching up there, but what is interesting and also quite rare is that this internationally known preacher, was preaching at a house church! In fact I was just speaking with some brothers a few weeks ago about how rare it would be for 'big' preachers to ever preach to small congregations (which one pastor (of a newer church plant) i met in NC was humbled that when he invited Paul Washer to speak, Bro Paul was not concerned with 'how many people?').
Pastor Conrad could teach us westerners much about humility and popularity. At the true church conference that i recently attended, one thing which stuck out in my mind (I'm an observer) was how 'available' Pastor Conrad was and how much he spoke with people (whereas usually speakers are never to be found-which in some cases may be understandable, but shouldn't be a norm).
May his tribe increase!


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