Saturday, June 20, 2009

Voddie Baucham on Children

Here is a quote from Voddie Baucham concerning children,
Once again I beg the question: Is your view of children in line with scripture or with the culture? A twisted view concerning children has at it's heart 'selfishness' (most of us could never imagine 'sacrifice' as being a blessing) and greed (we consistently use the word 'need' and rarely use the word 'want'- in fact the most stressed and complaining people i've met seem to be in the 'well-off' bracket).

Here's Voddie

You want to avoid disappearing in the midst of a pagan culture? Out breed them.
Let me tell you something. There are some of us in the room that need to repent because
of our attitude toward children and because of what we have said to people
communicating our attitude and not the biblical attitude toward children. Some of us need
to get on our faces before a holy God because we have mocked being fruitful. I have
heard pastors from pulpit, from the pulpit talk about their children like they despise the
number of children that God has given them. I heard a pastor from the pulpit talk about
their third children being named Miny.
“Yeah, Eeny, Meeny and Miny because we ain’t having no more.”

That is a mockery before almighty God. Children are a gift of the Lord. The fruit of the
womb is a reward. Our attitude from here is why a lot of people out there aren’t having
enough kids. It starts with us. And it all goes back to prosperity. The poorest nations in the world see children as a blessing. The richest nation in the world, we talk about children in terms of
how many we can afford. God help us. We are dying one generation at a time because we
refuse to receive the gift that God wants to bring through the womb.
Our attitudes. God says, “You want to continue to be my people? You do two things.
Number one, you gladly receive these blessings that I give you called children. And,
number two, you disciple them in your homes so that they don’t look like the culture
around them.”
The minute you stop receiving the gift of God through the womb and the minute you stop
discipling them in your home, they begin to look like the culture and the community of
God begins to vanish before your eyes. Two Christian families in this generation to get one generation into the next. I believe that is a plague on us. It is amazing. We always talk about how we want more souls in the kingdom. If we were honest, here is what we would say. “We want more souls in the kingdom, as long as we don’t have to birth them, raise them and feed them.”

Amen and amen brother Voddie!!!


Bobby Mosteller

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