Saturday, July 4, 2009

Burger King religion

Burger King? Yes you know, 'have it your way'!
A phrase that came to mind today after preaching at the juvenile jails on John chapter 1. I spoke of where it says 'He came unto His own and His own did not receive Him'. Why didn't those who were anticipating a messiah not receive Him when He came? The short and sweet answer is that Christ didn't 'fit' their appetite! As one artist said
"You say Christ is not your type of flavour?
He never claimed to be
He came to be your type of Savior!"
It also says that Christ was full of 'grace and truth', yet the people did not want His truth and consequently felt no need for His grace! What incredible audacity, what insanity that the creature would reject the creator. Even more than that, the creature rejecting the sustainer of all things. Sustainer? Yes, 'in Him all things consist', God didn't just set things in motion, He is actively involved in all that continues, for instance your BREATH!
The vile self righteous pride of man leaves him self-deceived and this madness leaves him convinced that he actually has something to offer! "Have it your way?" I don't think so, because you don't have ANYTHING to buy with. On the contrary your debt has EXCEEDED it's limit, this 'debt' is the punishment owed to YOU because of your continuous sin. One new example that I used today (as I thought about something Paul Washer said about how sinners are ALWAYS sinning, they do NOTHING good) was the example of a double agent, a 'spy', no one's concerned with how many specific acts or information leaks that spy has committed, because the only thing that matters is that they ARE a spy. Their whole life's mission is one great act of TREASON, likewise and to an infinite degree, men live in continuous rebellion against the kingdom of God, their whole lives are dedicated to anarchy and for this reason the Lord has every right to crush each and every man. It's is God alone who can call the shots for He alone has the right, He alone is worthy and He alone is almighty.
Who does YOUR god look like? How EXACTLY did you arrive at your thoughts, 'feelings', and 'convictions' about Him? Have you customized the unchangeable (i know 'immutable') Alpha and Omega?
Sad but true many within the 'church' haven't the faintest clue who Jesus Christ is, and I speak far beyond being able to regurgitate the Westminster or someones systematic theology. There are those who's religion leaves them with much to bargain with their accommodating deity. Yet theirs is a religion free of sacrifice, free of cross-carrying, free of brokenness, free of holiness and consequently free of LIFE. Sure they can teach it to others, they can proclaim 'repent and believe' although they know nothing of gospel repentance. If that be you, then you have much to fear. Let judgement begin in your house and with YOU. Leave nothing to chance, make your calling and election sure, by preaching to yourself the scriptures. You must be willing to ask whether the god you trust in, is the God of scripture, whether the life you live resembles ANYTHING like what God said it would or do you look more like those who scripture defines as hypocrites?!
If only they knew their true condition, if only they didn't run from the 'light', then they would see that the blackness of sin covers them completely and they would hate themselves, they would hate the filth, the stench and the ungratefulness. If only they could see HIM, then their eyes would for the first time behold blinding beauty and they would be terrified at the thought of what they owed to this great One and would immediately own their rightful damnation. If only they could then see the CROSS, then they would behold the labyrinth of God's love, they would further loathe themselves for putting Christ to unspeakable shame and suffering. They would then behold a way being cut for them, a way that despite whatever the demands may be they would strive to find entrance. Then if only they could see God's GRACE, then they would be further puzzled at the offer of 'free' grace, and the promise of God's continual and effective working within them. Then.......well then, that's the beginning of a glorious journey with one inevitable path to glory (heaven, unbroken and unrestrained enjoyment of God)!


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