Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The church WORLDWIDE

It is very common for a 'Westerner', for a believer who lives in a prosperous land and is nicely insulated, to form a style of biblical interpretation that is limited to his or her little bubble.
To that end, I recommend especially that YOU believer spend MUCH time reading missionary biographies and biographies of the people of God from centuries back. On top of that subscribe to the Voice of the Martyrs or get a copy of Operation World and read Foxes book of martyrs.
Such resources, such eyeopeners will awaken you to REALITY (also a great deliverance from the 'woe is me' virus).
If you dear reader are very ignorant to these things then you are missing out on some of the best commentary to the radical demands of Christ.
It might very well redefine meanings of such words as: Sacrifice, Devotion, Intercession, Persecution, Prosperity, Success, Blessing, Joy, Conversion, Authority, Sovereignty, Grace, Perseverance, Division, Repentance, Giving, Contentment and much more, even your views on eschatology.
These words are often defined in our free land more by the culture and less by scripture, yet the truths of the bible MUST and WILL hold true no matter WHERE or WHEN you lived, keep this in mind when you study the scriptures!


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