Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Danger of Christian Mysticism

A new sermon by Voddie Baucham has been posted and I had the privilege of hearing it today. It is certainly one of those MUST LISTEN sermons.
The approach which makes the will of God so confusing that new believers are left thinking 'how can I then hear the voice of God?'. I would add that the new believer would then find it too easy to go to men for counsel before they learn to study the scriptures. Encouraging new believers to grow in faith through growing in familiarity in the scriptures is something that simply isn't practiced.
Above that Brother Voddie pointed out how easily it is to be conformed to the ways of this world by not forming our decisions based upon what scripture teaches but rather based upon circumstances.
Another commendation of this sermon is brother's Voddies' concern to address a congregation of homeschool/family-integrated about the problems and unworthy motives to support such things. Like disciplining kids for the sake of the praise you get from others, in turn teaching your children to be law keepers rather then making it clear that you're concerned about their souls!


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