Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Effective dependence

I was listening to a newer teaching session from Paul Washer and he had made several comments that he has said before concerning the necessity of preachers giving their people God. Brother Paul used he example of John Piper and how regardless of what you may say of him, it's clear that John's entire ministry is about pursuing God (something along those lines).
Brother Paul also pointed out the truth that age is not the factor in usefulness for God, dependence is. He spoke of how many young people are used mightily for God because their pressing hard after Him, yet when you lose that dependence you lose your effectiveness.

Preacher, minister what do you have that you have not received? What edge do you really think you possess? Are you satisfied with your efforts because you trust in your study resources, your schooling, or your outline skills? I hope not for it's all vanity, it's high time you stop striving to be polite and pretty!
The question is NOT do you like preachers like Paul Washer or John Piper or a list of others, in fact when someone tells me they like a preacher I don't even give it a second thought until they explain what exactly they like and what exactly do they follow. WHat about YOU preacher, do you leave an impression of God's GREATNESS, do you leave your people with a HUNGER for God. "Well that's in the Lord's hand" Excuses, Excuses, answer the question do you have a clear desire, a visible passion for God ESPECIALLY when you preach??? Passion IS contagious, if your people are unmotivated and even after the service are talking about everything but God then it might do you well to examine yourself. Are you grieved over the apathy you see? Do you groan that someone is bringing up some tv show or sports game immediately after you've preached?
WE DESPERATELY NEED men of God, men who lock themselves up with their creator, men consumed by the glory of God and constantly pleading with others to join them. What we need today is spiritually minded men, simple men who press hard after God. As McCheynne would say 'the thing my people need most is my holiness'. Just as children are in need of fathers and not buddies, so too the body of Christ is in need of Shepherds, not buddies.
Where are the men of God who so love the scriptures that their sermon illustrations consistently flow from the scriptures? Where are the preachers who refuse to do a little ballerina dance around the demands of Christ and actually press it upon their hearers?


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