Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ethical vagueness, Paul Washer

In this short video which is part of a 'rabbit trail' introduction (3o minutes) to something completely different, which is typical Paul Washer and praise God for it. Paul Washer draws a very wide spectrum of believers who desire to listen to him, which to some should be quite confusing since he's NOT known for his great intellect, coolness or even his novelty (especially since he rarely says something new), goes to show that such things are NOT what people are looking for.
I made this video because it's a short out of the blue subject in his teaching series, but it something which has been a constant theme upon my mind (and many others). That's the growing concern that many have come to rediscover and uphold sound DOCTRINE and yet have left it's LIFE implications for the wind. I'm one of those people who enjoy hearing of believers growing in doctrine and also growing in sanctification, I believe we NEED both, I am convinced the Bible demands both!
There is NO progress, no advancement of the gospel without a living witness, for it denies the promised power that the gospel contains! The blog scene has only convinced me even more of the problem at hand. There are countless bloggers and commenter's that will fight over the smallest details of the smallest points of theology, which in some cases IS very commendable, YET when it comes to a specific application as regards some current event then the skeletons come out. Whether it's 'Christian' blogs who uphold doctrine and give little seminary level lectures daily that defend crude 'speakers' like Driscoll, because he 'preaches' the 'gospel' and MORE importantly has a BIG church (take CAREFUL notice of the (pragmatic) reasons, people use or the lack of biblical defense), or blogs commenting on the talents and effects of Michael Jackson in a 'positive' light (as though he's in a neutral position, ignoring his soul and those of his supporters) or the defending of a beauty pageant which is built upon exposing and flaunting that which God COMMANDS should be covered and then when more light comes out on the issue (like posing nude, getting breast enlargements), it is met only with more defenses and reasons why we shouldn't be so bothered or whether it's Movies and Tv Shows that leaders or even Parents are 'recommending' despite the fact that the world finds them a little over the top, all this and MUCH more is incredibly frightening.
I wonder what the Apostle Paul would have thought concerning his decision to LIMIT/RESTRICT himself for the sake of the gospel being USED as the defense of why we shouldn't be judged in our enjoyment of the world. Far too many teachers are teaching a type of 'liberty' that would make the majority of ethical issues sound ridiculous, though the church throughout history has always made such stands and it's those stands that have clearly set it apart from the world. LIBERTY is about being FREE from the condemnation accompanied with the laws of men and with the shadows of God's law, it is NOT the INDULGENCE of our flesh in anything we are confident WON'T send us to hell (or rather, prove we are not saved) Liberty is about being free to ENJOY Christ in all we do. At the very least, we need some HONEST Christians who can say 'I do this because I want to and have never really considered if this is pleasing to God' or "I don't watch/read/listen to this stuff to BETTER reach the world, for I'm barely doing that, this is rather just for ME!"
Conformity to Christ, Intimacy with Jesus brings separation from this world, which is to be done by the RENEWING of our minds and the diligent seeking to be transformed by it (by NOT being satisfied with JUST knowing). While on the other had it should be no surprise that ethical issues are so dividing (take even the recent presidential race (election)) when believers are NOT daily seeking the word of God and applying it to their lives, rather living on a little past exposure to the scriptures and heavily depending on the popular consensus of the 'reformed' (or evangelical) crowd, which is wasting most of it's time soaking in the doctrines of Hollywood!


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