Saturday, July 11, 2009

God is NOT fair! Really?

Today (at the juvenile jail) was one of those days, those ministering times where a young juvenile objected to the unfairness of God to send people to hell because they made some 'mistakes'. This was a young man which I haven't seen for a while, yet he had the same objection before.
Well I kinda spoke on wasting your life by seeking after worldly riches. I was speaking mainly from I Tim 6 and pointing out that to follow Christ, doesn't guarantee that things will get better and that if that's the only reason we come to Him (the expectation and desire) to gain($$$) then we are still hopelessly lost. That God would have us convinced that we are in danger of hellfire because we have chosen to rebel against a good and perfect creator.
I repeatedly pointed out the astonishing love and grace of a God who needs nothing and has every right to crush us, that He would cause that which is most dear to His heart (Jesus Christ) to suffer on our behalf. To illustrate the madness of men, I used the analogy of a man being locked in isolation without a door (exit), only to have Jesus Christ cut a door open with His blood and then tell you to 'follow me'. Yet men are so blind and arrogant that they would get upset with the offer and continue to look for another exit (or spend there time on distracting amusements that would help them to forget that they are in a closed cell), you FOOL don't you recognize a RESCUE when you see it?
To this young man's specific objection which was voiced after I closed in prayer, I told him that the only thing that was unfair was for Christ to be punished for us. That it is perfectly reasonable for a rebel to be punished and absolutely unfathomable that he could receive mercy. I also pointed out that God has every right to do as He pleases and it's His right to distinguish between good and evil. I told this young fellow (and he seemed to calm down and listen) that such an objection would be like a family coming to adopt you, saying 'we are filthy rich and would like you to become a part of our family and share in our inheritance' and then you blowing them off, not even showing for the hearing; yet when they die you suddenly appear vehemently demanding your right to the inheritance, to which why would reply 'but you are NOT a part of this family, you NEVER wanted to be, you get NOTHING!'

(Romans 1)
Such objections are common to men, because the depraved mind is opposed to God's rightful authority and His due worship. Though it may be expressed a million ways, the main objection men have concerning God is that He does NOT have the RIGHT to do as He pleases (confront this rebellious mindset), they won't acknowledge a Savior, a Creator, who is also a Lord. Connected to that objection is that the wicked deceived heart sees no majesty in God, denying His due worship. Men would rather worship created things then the creator, they rob the debt of worship owed to God and give it to worthless idols.
In proclaiming the gospel we MUST proclaim the WORTH of Christ and the KINGSHIP of Christ, in my estimation there is nothing else more needed today and this is to be done not only in word but in deed!


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