Saturday, July 25, 2009

The golden age of Christianity?

When would say were the golden years of Christianity? Perhaps you might say 'the early church days' or maybe the 'reformation' or maybe the 'puritan era' or the 'great awakening' or the 'welsh revival' and the list could go on.
May I interject something to think on, the golden years are ahead, 'oh yeah, you mean the salvation of the world right?' "uh, NO!" I mean the golden years are in the NEXT life.
I would suppose many have had similar thoughts as I have had before, thoughts like 'man, those (fill in some revival) were the days' which may be translated 'If I had lived then, I would have been a much better witness/servant'. This is such a dangerous thought, to look back and wish you could have lived then, as if you would have done more, when in fact you assume that you could have done a better job of your placement in time and space then God almighty!
Whatever a man reads, he must not lose sight of the God who is working in all these people and places; the best time to live is TODAY! You must also, not lose sight of the reality that 'there is nothing new under the sun', sometimes we picture something completely different then it really was. Even with revivals it is rare to hear accurate accounts, because only time can tell what was hype and what was the power of God, and few are the accounts of AFTER the revival.
I do wish to make at least one point:
The reason why we read and profit from Christian literature from the past 100, 300, 600, 1000+ yrs is because things haven't changed. The consensus of readers of old books is, 'Wow, this sounds like today!' because they WERE facing the same inherit issues regardless of the man made titles given (one of many reasons why we should stick to the books that have stood the test of time), that is ALSO why the bible is so wonderfully RELEVANT (because it's timeless). It would seem to the shock of some that EVEN DURING great persecution there have been 'TARES' (hypocrites) WITHIN the church. The first churches had to deal with such things, in fact one of the many afflictions of the Apostle Paul was 'false brethren'. Likewise in the midst of revivals their have always been a great number of 'rocky soil' listeners, ones who seem to follow with the greatest zeal and outward affection but 'fall away'.
Brothers and sisters take heart that God IS working today and His work is GLORIOUS. Every conversion is dramatic from the perspective of God and He's still mightily using men and women who simply believe on Him, may we seek to glorify God in OUR day without making excuses concerning how 'easier' it would have been in some other day, when according to scripture the lost have always and will always be opposed to God and His ways regardless of the outward morality (more hidden sins).

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