Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Inconsistent heresy/ Hyper Calvinism

HYPER-CALVINIST inconsistency
Since the hyper-Calvinist is so abundantly (more than the rest of us) secure about God's sovereignty: how does the hyper-Calvinist react to a man pulled out of a pool and in desperate need of C.P.R?
Will they wrestle with questions like:
Isn't God the giver of life?
Who am I to decide or interfere with who lives or who doesn't?
Surely death is a result of the fall so this must be determined by God?
If God would have this one to be revived then wouldn't there be some evidence that this guy wished to be saved?
Sound ridiculous?



I can't answer on behalf on the hyper calvinist as I'm not one.

The passage which first struck me in my personal devotion as to the follies of HC was Acts 18:9-10. God has much people to be saved in the city, so Paul could sit back and watch? No! He was commanded to preach.

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