Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Michael Jackson, a worship leader

Michael Jackson wow what a 'legacy', what 'fame', what 'success', what 'talent', this man attained to.
In fact Michael was one of the greatest ever; the greatest worship leader ever. Michael had the ability to pull all ages and nationalities into a trance-like state, his words and thoughts were passed onto many. Michael was a worship leader, who ushered many into the presence, the presence of God? No, unfortunately NOT! Michael was a worshipper of self, a worshipper of fame, of praise, of greed, of lust, of rebellion and so on. It was this common ground on which many found themselves connected to such a performer, lusted after by many a woman and envied by many a man.
The horror of it all, is the shock of the world to such a created beings death. Even sadly to see this mentioned by 'believers' who act as though it's perfectly sensible to praise his accomplishments. No, Michael had no accomplishments, he was the rich fool who continued to build bigger until his last breath. The shock has come to this world because Michael represents the 'American Dream', despite all the drama, pain, isolation, and scandals many still think it would have been a dream of dreams to be in Michael's shoes. Yet for such an idol to die is unthinkable for the natural man, because it screams something which the natural man doesn't want to consider, it screams 'A WASTED LIFE', it screams "VANITY OF VANITIES", it screams "WHAT PROFIT IS IT TO GAIN THE WHOLE WORLD AND LOSE YOUR SOUL..." it screams 'YOUR LIFE IS BUT A VAPOR'!
Believer! Read Psalm 37 and Psalm 73, the wicked have nothing of worth, nothing ABSOLUTELY nothing which we should EVER be jealous of them for. They are of all men, especially the so-called 'stars' men to be MOST pitied!


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