Thursday, July 2, 2009

more homeschooling thoughts

Yes once again some MORE food for thought concerning homeschool of which I am a strong supporter of a Christ centered homeschooling process for children.

Concerning being unequally yoked:
Public schools are often (unless some radical things are done in the home) the place where children find their closest friends. You might ask 'that's good then, right?' well yes if they are that exceptional evangelist who is bringing friends to Christ or their growing from all the persecution they undergo from their peers because of their testimony for Christ. Yet for most NEITHER are taking place, rather they are becoming 'companions' with ungodly children who are in turn effecting your children. their fellowship certainly doesn't center on Christianity.
I find such a scenario frightening, especially when parents don't foresee any problem with their highschooler being closer (sharing problems, finding comfort from, spending large amts of time with) to their lost friends at their public school then they do with their peers at church.
Since this DOES often happen, then why should a parent be surprised that their daughter or son decides to date and/or marry a nominal Christian (if that)??? Above and beyond that question it appears that there are many parents who wouldn't mind if their daughters or sons found a 'good mate' even if they weren't saved (something which Voddie Baucham testified he's faced such things with many 'Christian' parents-hence the need to read and apply 'What he must be.....').

I wonder if any parent has decided to send their children to public school not out of convenience, not out of conformity to the norm, not out of a pursuit for materialism, not out of a lust for intellectual pride and not out of worship for athletic programs: but because they honestly approached the matter WITHOUT preconceived opinions (at least tried) and without OVER REACTING to weirdos, but with a diligent search of the scriptures and much prayer. Praying along the lines of "Lord this is YOUR child, and we want what YOUR best for this child no matter what the cost. Lord give us strength to glorify you in the educating of our children."
I wonder if I will ever meet a parent who says that they have chosen public (including most private) because they have been convinced this IS the best way to train their children up in the Lord, that such conditions will actually be better for their spiritual welfare??? I wonder?

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