Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Quickest path to a fall

Proverbs 16:18
Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall

What a fearful reality this scripture presents.
Allow me to present this reality as one who knows to well it's sting. Pride comes most for the believer when he forgets to look above and continues to look below. In otherwords we fall most, we are most puffed up when we lose our grip on reality: the reality that the good in us and around us has nothing to do with us, but everything to do with Christ!
Pride comes to congratulate self, yet what must be realized is that in order for us to receive praise then it must be taken from somewhere or someone, this some ONE is He who alone deserves praise. Pride ROBS Christ of His work upon the cross, pride robs God His wisdom and sovereignty, and pride robs the Spirit of His ongoing work within the believer!
I want however to get to one aspect of this pride and that is our neglect of spiritual duties. Duties? yes it's a archaic word for the means of grace but it has the sense of diligent toil (striving). It's quite a hard concept to grasp in our day because most of our generation doesn't value 'work'. Yet this 'working' of these godly disciplines are by the grace of God alone.
The spiritual disciplines are not a means to gaining more love from God, although they may be much of a means to experiencing that love more. What must be grasped is that these are God ordained means of attaining grace, of attaining more holiness, of further intimacy with Christ.
The most 'humble' man is the one who trusts the most in God, and that 'trust' can only be demonstrated in how much he makes use of the graces that God has provided.
Likewise the most 'prideful' man is the man who feels most comfortable to not use the graces that God has provided. In otherwords one man is growing in dependency and enjoyment of God, while the other lives as if he's self-sufficient and has little joy.
Where are you currently at believer? How is your relationship with the word of God? How much 'quality' time have you been getting with the Lord? How sensitive has your heart been towards the Lord throughout the day? Perhaps you suffer much from some of the same cycles that I do; you know where you recognize that God is blessing you in spite of laziness, sloth, apathy, prayerlessness, and under preparation? Shouldn't we respond with fear and trembling when such a state dawns upon us? We should not only praise God for His faithfulness to work within us, being humbled that He is merciful continually, yet we err and need much repentance if we don't immediately amend our ways and begin once again to pursue God with diligence.
Your conformity to Christ is of greater concern to God then your comfort. Likewise in His love He will humble you through much pain and brokenness if you won't humble yourself! Would this day then be that day that you with renewed determination and hope, cry out to God for a fresh outpouring of His presence and power (while doing so intercede for my weak heart as well)!


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