Monday, July 13, 2009

Selfish members

Selfish members? Perhaps what first comes to mind is a mega-seeker friendly church that is filled with 'What do you have for me?' consumers, but that is not who I want to finger.
Selfishness can take many forms, but I want to address the one perhaps most seen in churches that are labeled as doctrinally sound.
Selfish listeners! What? Well you either know them or you ARE them; it's the person who is in a corporate setting but does not have a corporate view. They may sit in a church of 50, 200, or 5000 but they approach the service as another form of personal entertainment. They may see conversions, they may see others growing in the faith, but unless their interests are tickled they are disappointed.
Such a person may think their attitude excusable because they have such a 'love for doctrine', they just 'wish there was more meat' given. However the reality is that they are not genuinely concerned about others, they personally want to be told their fancy. Such are those who would be perfectly content in a small setting where nothing is happening, no life, no growth, but praise God we learn some profound and rare truth every week.
Do you not know that there are really men out there, even in the ministry who are perfectly happy with a sermon that is so obscure, so complex that their wife, their friends, their children, hardly NO ONE but them could follow (perhaps they secretly enjoy the advantage they have over these 'babes' so much that they would have it no other way).
These are those who DO NOT rejoice with those who rejoice NOR weep with those who weep. These are those who DO NOT consider others before themselves.
What strain these people place on the body of Christ, what undo strain they place upon their pastors with their attempts to manipulate the word of God.
Pastor! Preach on! Don't cast your pearls to such as these. Your charge is to feed the flock, not the glutton, that we...... 'all reach unity in the faith and in the knowledge of the Son of God and become mature, attaining to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ' (Eph 4).


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