Monday, August 31, 2009

The cross by shai linne

Check out this video my kid brother made:
He is staying with us for 3 weeks (like most summers) and this is ONE of the projects I've given him. Wait for a couple more!
He has a lot of creative talent (which sits dormant unless provoked).

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Lloyd-Jones on where the Church starts

A portion which i thought would be helpful from a conference address by Martyn Lloyd-Jones
I believe such advice would serve us all, regarding all the 'movements' today. Call yourself "Reformed" "New Calvinist" "New Covenant" "Missional" and whatever special names you can think of, the bottom line comes to this, 'but are you biblical?'.

So I come to the last question which seems to me to be raised, and I think it is the most acute question of all. God forbid that this last question should ever cause a division amongst us who are evangelical, but it does seem to me that this story of the ‘ecclesiola in ecclesia’ raises this great question. It was there at the beginning with Luther; it is still here. Should we start with the situation and the position as it is and try to reform it, or should we start with the New Testament and apply it? It comes to that! The Reformers began with the situation as they found it, and as we have been reminded several times in the conference, their policy was to reform it. If their premise was right I think their procedure can be justified. You must then be patient and diplomatic and so on.
But the great question I am raising is this — were they right in that original question? Where do you start? Do you start with the existing situation and try by adjustment and accommodation and meetings and fellowship and readiness to give and take for the sake of the body that is already there, to get the best modifications you can? Is it that? History seems to show that, if you do start with that, you will soon be having to think of starting an ‘ecclesiola in ecclesia’ because of the dead wood in the church. That seems to me to be the argument of history. Do you start with that then?
Or do you rather start by asking ‘What is the New Testament teaching?’ Let us start with that. Our one object and endeavour should be to put that into practice, cost what it may, believing that as we are trying to conform to the New Testament pattern we shall be blessed of God. It is a difficult, it is a perplexing, it is a vexing question. As I have tried to remind you, in all fairness, the Reformers were concerned to bring back the New Testament idea; but they failed. There was this kind of polarity in their thinking and they kept on swinging between two basic ideas. That is why I am raising this as the ultimate and fundamental question.
This is the question that remains with us, and the ecumenical movement, it seems to me, has made it a more urgent question than it has been for several centuries. The leaders of that movement are saying, let us throw everything into the melting-pot. They are not actually doing that because they are committed to the principle of modification and accommodation. But they are saying it. Well, let us say it! Let us say that we are living in a situation where we really must and can face these things in a new and fundamental manner. Let us determine to do so in the light of the New Testament teaching and not in the light of ‘the scientific man of the mid-twentieth century’ or in the light of ‘the results of scholarship and of latest knowledge’. It is a profound, it is a fundamental question, and I believe that every one of us will not only have to face it but also have to decide one way or the other, and that very soon. May God keep us all humble, may He give us great charity, give us great patience, but above all may He give us a single eye to His glory and to His praise.

Friday, August 28, 2009

HELP 4 Training YOUR children

Surely this is a subject producing many opinions, I was reminded of this from some comments on concerning training and disciplining children, such as 'well my father told me......' 'what works for us is.........' and so on. The problem I hope any faintly familiar with scripture Christian would immediately recognize is the lack of 'the bible says.....'. Let us be resolved to accept nothing but what God would admonish us to do.
If you wish to save yourself much frustration and wish to raise your children in a God glorifying way then I would suggest some broad non-negotiables.
The first goal MUST be that you train your children for the glory of GOD! (rather then your pride or your comfort)
Second you must seek (as husband and wife) to be UNIFIED (encouraging one another and DEFENDING one another-take your spouses side before you take your child's side) in your decisions to train your children!
Thirdly you MUST be consistent (don't teach your children to only expect discipline when in a bad mood,or love when only in a good mood)

  • Consistent in discipline
  • Consistent in attention
  • Consistent in affection
  • Consistent in dependence upon God's help

I'm currently listening to this series by Pastor Albert Martin. If you really long for comprehensive and consistent expository and applicatory (experimental) preaching then this is the preacher for you. I grow tired of hearing 'listen to this...' or 'read this...' when it's really not that good, so if you want something more than the usual overview short series on children then I BEG you to listen to this series:

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Thou shalt LOVE

Isn't a glorious thing that when Jesus was asked what were the greatest commandments, He did not reply 'Thou shalt not.....'! Rather 'You SHALL love the Lord your God with ALL your..... and love your neighbor as yourself'!
The freedom Christ has given to the believer is the freedom to OBEY and that through the same means with which the Son obeyed the Father, LOVE! Another way of illustrating this truth, is to say that the 'thou shalt not's' separate us FROM the world, whereas the 'Thou shalt LOVE's' separate us UNTO God!
The 'thou shalt not's' have much to do with restriction and restraint from certain things (sin), whereas the 'Thou shalt LOVE's' have much to do with release and response. The reality of such a call will doubtless leave you convinced that if our obedience has something to do with what we give from within, then the change needed has to be of God for no man has the ability to change his own heart.
Praise the Lord, that God has promised to give us 'NEW HEARTS', that would cause us to love Him!
Ezekiel 36:26 I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh. 27 And I will put my Spirit in you and move you to follow my decrees and be careful to keep my laws.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Lyrics and Heresy

This song is by Lampmode's Stephen the Levite,
Lyrical theology to the max! This is what I call refined (Hip-Hop 'cultured') music!

QnA (Questions and Answers)
(2 Tim 2:15; 4:3, Prov 30:5-6)

Steve: Does it make sense for me to enter a prayer circle and say "amen"/ at the end when I didn't comprehend what they were sayin'? (hmm)/ Was the Holy Spirit given to Christians so when the rhythm is quickenin’/ He can hit ’em and get ‘em shakin’ and wigglin’? (ya listenin’) // If in the house of God hats are forbidden then how come/ the high priests weren’t permitted without them? (Uhh)/ And furthermore, did the Lord say he’d dwell in the four walls or/ in the hearts of those he secures? (that’s raw)// Can I be blunt for a minute?/ If it’s a sin to get drunk then what kinda Spirit makes you a fumbling idiot? (consider this)/ And when did it become known of the Holy Ghost/ to take control of folks and do things that the scriptures don’t promote (Umm)// And I hope you soak this in when you hear it:/ am I suppose to be your sin offering if you slay me in the Spirit? (where did they get it)/ and finally, whether it’s rhymed or preached/ are you dividing the Word or trusting your heart that it’s divine or tweaked?// No I'm not beefin’ with any denominations/ just relayin' the questions of a confused congregation/ and if possible, I'd like to give you some logical goggles/ with which, to examine the epistles, prophets and gospels/ specifically, First Corinthians fourteen: sixteen/ John fourteen through sixteen, back to First Corinthians/ chapter eleven, Acts seven verses forty eight through fifty/ Titus chapter two: one through six please/ First Corinthians fourteen: forty/ Leviticus chapter one and three and four: verse four B/ and fifteen and twenty-four and twenty-nine and thirty-three/ and once again back to First Corinthians fourteen: forty/ then Second Timothy two: fifteen and First Peter three: fifteen, and Jeremiah seventeen: nine/ it's time to rewind/ so you can write 'em down if you missed it/ Acts seventeen: eleven, don't get it twisted//

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Jail ministry this week

I praise the Lord for those who lifted me up concerning the jails. Sunday I had a service which consisted of much (some heated) discussion on the Word Of Faith heresy, one guy just couldn't accept that these guys are frauds (referencing to the 'signs')-- what a shame, I begged for them to search the scriptures.
Tuesday went excellent, the Lord seemed to give unusual favor and a lot of guys commented on their new found understanding of the gospel and it's demands (praise the Lord), I had one juvenile whom I spent an hour with, then I had two services for the men (so from beginning to end 4hrs-exhausting to say the least).
How sad it is that I have to pause when men ask for a good church (how many churches would treat inmates as a special category??) Oh how I wish more men were interested in ministering to such souls!

Our Commonality with Adam and Eve


Monday, August 17, 2009

Rich Young and DUMB vblog

What could be learned, what could be avoided, what could the relevance be in the story of the rich young man???

Paul Washer in MICHIGAN in OCT 09

Well I just confirmed some details about Bro Paul Washer's scheduled preaching in Michigan.
PLACE: Berean Baptist Church Livonia, MI
WHEN: October 18th – 23rd Sunday at 8:30 AM, 11:00 AM & 6:00 PM AND
Monday – Friday at 7:00 PM
Very Cool!!!!---He was there a few years back for the deliver Detroit series and although I didn't know of it, judging from the messages on Sermonaudio it was really good.
Personally I like these smaller settings, much easier fellowship.
Well I wanted to POST this just in case anyone remotely close who happened to stumble on this blog might be blessed, challenged and (for me) it would be cool to meet some new faces (so let me know if you plan to go)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Pray for me, ministry!

Well just got finished with a bible study at the Jails. On this floor the juveniles (who are being tried as adults) are separated, so it's a split class.
Well I thought I only had two hours but they gave me three, I'm just a little exhausted but I covet your prayers because I am covering this floor the next two weeks. I had two juveniles (that's all there is) and about 15 men and the great majority seemed very alert and moved!
Well this bible study unlike the Sundays are booked by the same people, and though I attempted to get this before I failed.
The lady who conducts this male bible study, is very Charasmatic to say the least and I can only imagine what's taught: so pray if the Lord would be pleased that I could get this service regularly!
Lots of questions and 'suggestions' from some of these guys so keep me lifted up PLEASE!!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Matthew Henry on the 1st commandment

Let it NEVER be forgotten that, all sin starts against God! In every sin, we first are guilty of treason/rebellion/anarchy towards God!

Here is a wonderful quote from one of the heart-searching commentaries ever! Matthew Henry on the First Commandment:

Now our duty to God is, in one word, to worship him, that is, to give to him the glory due to his name, the inward worship of our affections, the outward worship of solemn address and attendance. This is spoken of as the sum and substance of the everlasting gospel. Rev. 14:7, Worship God. 1. The first commandment concerns the object of our worship, Jehovah, and him only (v. 3): Thou shalt have no other gods before me. The Egyptians, and other neighbouring nations, had many gods, the creatures of their own fancy, strange gods, new gods; this law was prefixed because of that transgression, and, Jehovah being the God of Israel, they must entirely cleave to him, and not be for any other, either of their own invention or borrowed from their neighbours. This was the sin they were most in danger of now that the world was so overspread with polytheism, which yet could not be rooted out effectually but by the gospel of Christ. The sin against this commandment which we are most in danger of is giving the glory and honour to any creature which are due to God only. Pride makes a god of self, covetousness makes a god of money, sensuality makes a god of the belly; whatever is esteemed or loved, feared or served, delighted in or depended on, more than God, that (whatever it is) we do in effect make a god of. This prohibition includes a precept which is the foundation of the whole law, that we take the Lord for our God, acknowledge that he is God, accept him for ours, adore him with admiration and humble reverence, and set our affections entirely upon him. In the last words, before me, it is intimated, (1.) That we cannot have any other God but he will certainly know it. There is none besides him but what is before him. Idolaters covet secrecy; but shall not God search this out? (2.) That it is very provoking to him; it is a sin that dares him to his face, which he cannot, which he will not, overlook, nor connive at. See Ps. 44:20, 21. 2.

You ARE loved, Paul Washer vid

here's a good one! How unimaginable that we are loved as Christ is loved (what worth Christ has!!!)

A call to the ministry

What constitutes a call to the ministry? What are some of the false motives for entering in it? What type of character must there be? What kind of confirmations? What kind of gifts/abilities are necessary?

Well I've recommeded this series before, but upon listening to it again I have to once again beg anyone who hasn't to listen to these very thorough and insightful messages. Pastor Albert Martin (over forty years as a pastor in New Jersey) is faithful to the texts, upholding the authority of scripture and the glory of God. Not your typical 'Baptist' preacher,
touching upon such issues as
the 'need of unction'
the need of theology: systematic, biblical, historical and experiential

  • I love the fact he stresses the need for pastors to be able to APPLY the scriptures to the problems that everyday people face

Pastor Albert Martin explained in one of the sermons, that a man who pretends to be called to the ministry that is more concerned and anxious to preach then he is concerned about personal holiness smells like a rat! He also explained how most seminaries would lose the majority of their students if you took out all the jokesters who don't tremble at God's word!

In the first sermon, he addresses six misguided/false reasons people atempt to enter the ministry:

1. An inaccurate estimation of their gifts (they believe they have something no one else sees)

2. An uncrucified lust 4 authority and attention

3. An unbalanced concept of spirituality (more grace-points for ministers??!!)

4.Inadequate view of the breadth of ministerial qualiofication (life of relaxation and reading??!!)

5. Unmet pyschological needs for identity (ministry= importance, insulation, isolation??!!)

6. Unsanctified/unwise ambitions of others ('You should be a preacher!' 'Kids, daddy and mommy want you to be missionaries!')

WANT MORE??? Listen yourself! Get the series HERE

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Apologetics?? A review and quote

What's your take on Christian apologetics? Mine is that we must start not with man, what I mean is that we must not allow man to tell us where to start. Likewise counseling that begins with psychology as a foundation then employs scripture will always be flawed. Likewise any strategy for growth (fruit) that begins with business marketing will also be flawed.
So whatever opinion may be held concerning apologetics, it MUST be that which brings God the most glory and upholds the infallibility and sufficiency of the word of God, that and nothing else must be without compromise our foundation.
In order to come to a proper view on apologetics, I would beg you to do some self-examination first. What about a particular apologetic causes you to like it more? Is it a pragmatic position (it works and 'successful' people promote this) is it a pride issue (it brings prestige and respectability to our foolish gospel) is it a conformity issue (the majority rules)? As for me, when I would listen many, many years ago to Ravi or Walter etc.. I used to covet their intellect, not because I was convinced it would make me more productive, but I was thinking about the honor and praise of men (I certainly deny the validity as did Martyn Lloyd-Jones of the vast majority of debates, that is the biblical fruit of it-is that what happened on Mars Hill? No that was preaching!).

Here is a small piece from a review of Tim Kellers book. I do like the review though the conformity to creeds, confessions, or the history of the OPC are quite irrelevant to the issue (so don't let such distract your reading, if it could)
Furthermore, one should not be surprised about the popularity of Keller's volume. Christians are enamoured with being relevant about culture. For the most part, however, the same popular questions of scepticism arise in every age since the sceptics of each era think that they are reinventing the wheel. In reality, they are not thinkers; they just drift through history espousing the 'same old, same old,' yet updated, versions of their popular notions — repeating the self-whimsical pompous criticisms of academicians; supposed intelligent inquiries from friends and blogs; amoral discussions in locker rooms, dorm rooms, chat rooms, bars and the work place; the recurring themes in music, film, and stage; and the continual therapies of psychological anxiety and alienation. The products of culture always demand a cultural response. Keller capitulates to that culture. In contrast, the genius of Van Til's apologetic is to engage the culture by beginning with the God of the Bible who is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow — demanding that the culture conform its existence to the eternal and constant truth of the gospel. FULL REVIEW HERE

Friday, August 7, 2009

The Washer/Piper/MacArthur...Phenomenon!

Have you ever come to the conclusion about certain preachers like Paul Washer as PHENOMENONS? I mean the unusual anointing, the passion, the fruitful following, the many experiences, how else can it be explained but by 'wow!'?
Isn't it amazing how God raises up such men, men who are emboldened by the truth, a single eye to the glory of God, men who stand shoulders above the .......WAIT A MINUTE!!!!!!!
I hope at this moment you are GETTING SICK, and about to hit me hard with comments concerning my IDOLATRY!
Yet isn't this how many read biographies today? Aren't there a ton of Pastors who think and say things like 'Well, you can't compare me to this guy (living) or this guy (dead)'. Why not? What is it about them that stands apart? Nothing but the grace of God, what stood apart in Paul? "I am what I am by the grace of God...." When the Apostle Paul spoke of following by example did he ever give the impression 'Hey guys, just do YOUR best to be like Christ, because I'm an Apostle and you simply can't expect to be where I'm at EVER, but strive for better-than-most"???? OF course NOT! Even many of the men we call extraordinary hated the title, (like George Muellers' faith, in fact a major part of his convictions concerning trusting in God, were due to his desire to be an example to others so they would ALSO trust mightily in God!!).
Was Spurgeon an exception? Not if you consider his training BEFORE he was converted. We should be expecting similar effects when our children become adults (if only we would train them). The only thing that should NOT be expected nor coveted is FAME, because it's God's concern whether anyone will notice your work, such conditions don't indicate faithfulness or fruitfulness. In fact it's quite difficult to lead the flock if you teach them that degrees of holiness/devotion/faithfulness/fruitfulness are given to different degrees of ministers, this leads to ridiculous statements like 'Well of course you pray/study/live holy, because you are THE PASTOR' no the promises are to us ALL.
Do you not realize that there are Calvins/Spurgeons/Owens living today? What are their names? Nobody knows, their most likely men spilling their blood in hard to reach places who walk miles everyday through intense persecution and faithfully preach and teach the gospel daily- though their nobodies because no one's writing about them or publishing what they say. Likewise their are some mothers out there who through the anguish of an unbelieving husband who constantly persecutes her (thru ingratitude, thru neglect, thru immorality, thru worldliness, thru manipulation of the children) though she diligently serves him for decades, though her children favor the father she diligently intercedes for them and trains them in godliness---these are the SHINING nobodies in the kingdom.
I'll scream if I hear another person say, 'Well they (puritans, reformers, etc..) did have it easier, we have lots of demands and distractions'! NO they didn't have it easier, they had little medical help, they had no technology, they had no quick transportation, in fact they seem to have it MUCH harder, yet the reality is that they have the same opportunities and temptations that we do in that they fought the same enemies and had the same God of grace!
Oh let us look to the God of these men, and not to them. Let us follow them as they follow Christ, NO MORE NO LESS!

Failures of the reformation

Well I had posted not long ago concerning Calvin and the reformers which I just DELETED, because I think it was not that good, it lacked good information or grace, I suppose I was thinking more about who would read it (which is a bad/prideful place to start)
Well I recommend this message that I listened to today that I believe gives greater light to most material concerning the Reformers. Usually the bias is at one extreme or another which is arrived at by too little information or an unfair stigma.
Even if you don't come to the same conclusions as this minister, I still believe you will be better equipped with a greater understanding of the Reformation.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Lloyd-Jones on theological preaching

An excerpt from Preaching and Preachers by Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

I would lay down a general proposition that preaching must always be theological, always based on a theological foundation. We should be particularly careful when we preach on isolated texts and deal with each one separately. The reason for that, of course, is that we may well find ourselves becoming guilty of contradictions. We deliver a message on the basis of one text, but because it’s not related to others, and to the whole truth, when we come to deal with another text we may say something that contradicts what we have said in the first sermon. The way to avoid that, and to maintain and preserve the interrelationship between these types of preaching, is to be always theological. There is no type of preaching that should be non-theological.

A type of preaching that is sometimes, indeed frequently today, regarded as non-theological is evangelistic preaching………….You ‘bring people to Christ’ as they put it; and then you teach them the truth….That, to me, is quite wrong, and indeed monstrous. I would be prepared to argue that in many ways evangelistic preaching should be more, rather than less theological, than any other, and for this good reason. Why is it that you call people to repent? Why do you call them to believe the gospel? You cannot deal properly with repentance without dealing with the doctrine of man, the doctrine of the Fall, the doctrine of sin and the wrath of God against sin. Then when you call men to come to Christ and to give themselves to Him, how can you do so without knowing who He is, and on what grounds you invite them to come to Him, and so on. In other words it is all highly theological. Evangelism which is not theological is not evangelism at all in any true sense. It may be calling for a decision, it may be a calling on people to come to religion, or to live a better kind of life, or the offering of some psychological benefits; but it cannot by any definition be regarded as Christian evangelism, because there is no true reason for what you are doing apart from these great theological principles.

Amen and Amen!

Great resources from Paul Washer

Here are the last two sermons from Paul Washer at the conference in Denmark. I have put them up because I believe they are especially helpful and powerful.

This addresses men and specifically ministers to take leaps of faith for God, to be biblical men and to especially be men DEVOTED to prayer. Certainly it's high time we stop worshipping these dead saints as special exceptions and begin to learn and follow their examples!!!

Likewise this sermon is an excellent one on a biblical family, how incredibly important for us all to grasp the biblical importance of our God given callings: the blessing contained in it and the cost of it!

I have only left one sermon from the conference and that is Bro Leiter's "Biblical elders" which although was a good overview I do however disagree with some of the points as needing more clarification/qualification to avoid extremes- At the cost of being misunderstood, I think it might be helpful to touch on my concerns:
Like the general comment of 'Baptists' in a negative sense having pastor elders who act as sole leaders with fellow elders doing whatever they say (although I don't belong to any Baptist group, it's simply not fair to speak so general, especially when there are many wonderful churches that don't do that and practice clearly equality among elders)
The answer concerning women house-church pastors in China, regardless of the supposed 'moving' of God or the terrible argument of women leaders in the bible (Esther, Deborah etc..) which are not the same as elders nor do they give us any exception, However the Word does give us WARRANT to 'judge' this as wrong, any thing else seems quite subjective, Bro Paul answered after Bro Leiter and addressed this in my estimation, much more biblically.
A smaller issue that stayed on my mind was concerning attire, suits and ties particularly: immediately my mind flashed to Martyn Lloyd-Jones' conviction on wearing a robe in 'Preaching and Preachers' as a distinguishing mark (though the elder isn't better than or a super Christian, they are DISTINCT in that they hold a higher office-more responsibility and more authority- even some who disagree don't do so in practice) this is not my view per se, for I'm comfortable with someone wearing anything, but I mention this because I think it's important to understand people's thoughts on this, not as LAW but as a matter of respect (as long as people think it's appropriate to wear suits to an interview, to funerals and to weddings, then I completely understand pastors and saints who think it's appropriate for the pulpit).

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Lloyd-Jones on pretty preaching/Whitefield

Amen and amen to this quote!

"There is nothing that has so often discouraged me, if I may make a personal reference as a preacher, as the failure of people to differentiate between the message and the preaching. You may have a correct and an orthodox message but it does not follow that you are preaching it. The thing that puts Whitefield in a class apart with Rowland is the preaching.
What do I mean? I mean the way in which the message is presented and conveyed. There were other men at the time, as there have been since, who preached the same message, but it was no the preaching of George Whitefield. How can one describe his preaching? You can only describe it as apostolic and seraphic. I like the remark of an American preacher who heard him a lot and who was responsible for publishing some of his sermons. Commenting upon his style of preaching, he said, "A noble negligence ran through his style". What does he mean? He means that Whitefield did not sit down and write wonderful literary masterpieces of sermons, with every sentence perfectly balanced, and always finished, and polished and so on. No, he did not do that. He had not got the time to write sermons. He was an extemporary preacher, and there was what this man calls 'a noble negligence' in his preaching. He broke the rules of grammar now and again, he did not remember to finish his sentences always, but to those who know anything about preaching that is nothing. 'Noble negligence!' - oh that we had a little more of it, and a little less of the polished essays that pass for sermons in this our degenerate age! But the thing that characterized the preaching was the zeal, the fire, the passion, the flame. He was a most convicting and alarming preacher................."

From The Puritans by Martyn Lloyd-Jones (pg 121, 122)

Church discipline resources

Here are a few sermons on church discipline which are very good and I pray may be a blessing to you. Church discipline is not a matter that only leaders need to understand because many aspects of church discipline can not be carried out without the congregation being involved.

Here is a sermon recently preached in Denmark by Charles Leiter (who accompanied Paul Washer) concerning church discipline. This sermon was as practical as you can get, with some very helpful and personal illustrations. Especially helpful is the illustration of his own daughter, this is where theology matters and too many can speak of true conversion and church discipline but will ignore those truths when it's brought to their homes). Contained in this message is much balance concerning why it's done, what to hope for, what the different results are. To top it off, there is also a very good Q & A session immediately after the message.
I highly recommend this sermon although I have two things I do want to address.
Bro Leiter mentions the tradition of 'church membership' as unbiblical, and that we need to challenge such traditions (asking why do we do these things). This I DO commend, yet I wonder if some people will take that to mean if a church DOES have church membership that they are doing something wrong. I would object to that, there are some good reasons to have church membership (though I too, don't think it's necessary nor do I give much thought to it personally). I think it's important to know why you have something and I certainly commend those who use it (membership classes) like Mark Dever, Voddie Baucham, Jeff Noblit, Jono Sims and others as a way to introduce people to biblical ecclesiology (including church discipline), to the true gospel (some leading to true conversions) and so on, in fact before hearing such motives and testimonies I WAS completely against the idea. I do however believe with Bro Leiter that even if someone isn't a "member" and there is cause for church discipline then it still needs to be carried out (feeding the flock is whoever God sends).
Secondly Bro Leiter had mentioned times of church discipline where children shouldn't be present. I understand his concern, yet I would disagree because I believe that the benefits of church discipline would be missed by those who aren't present, especially if it will teach children the seriousness of sin and produce godly fear in them. Even more, children know more than we think they do, and can handle more as well so it is my conviction that children don't need to be censored from such things.

Another sermon/s by Pastor Jeff Noblit, who is another faithful preacher who is truly administering loving church discipline at all costs. In fact Paul Washer said this was a major reason for bringing his family to this church because they were faithful to upholding church discipline.

Church discipline PART TWO by Jeff Noblit download HERE

Monday, August 3, 2009

a biblical church/ resources

A biblical church should look like? WHAT?

From the Heartcry Conference that just went on in Denmark
Here's a really good sermon concerning a biblical church and the importance of true fellowship

I LOVE Q&A! This one is truly a gem: The answers are biblical (holding high the sufficiency of scripture and the powerful working of the Spirit), very practical and illustrative, and for a change the questions are really good!
Some helpful tips on Evangelism, some balanced guidelines in examining and searching for saving fruit in a person, principles for preaching and more!

HERE (right click to download)
Pastor Kevin @ (who is probably drenched from soaking in the teaching and fellowship he received at the Heartcry conf in Denmark led by Paul Washer and Charles Leiter) preaches a sermon concerning what church should and should not be doing. If you agree with everything that is said you probably DON'T pastor a church (unless your church is quite different), however let me beg you to test yourself concerning any objections: will the objection follow this line of thinking, 'I disagree because the BIBLE says........' or will it go something like 'but every one's.... but I feel.....'. Well I don't know if I'd go as far as saying I agree with everything said, yet any disagreements I don't see worth mentioning, so enjoy! I especially like the point about the Pastors duty to 'equip' the saints doesn't mean to teach them how to evangelize (build that church) but to live out the callings we are given (like a young mother who NEEDS to be trained/equipped to fulfill her calling, yet who preaches that?).

Some of my thoughts on fellowship here

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Modesty? This is just the style

What some imagine to be biblical discussion or a matter of opinion is more akin to philosophy then they realize. I see some of the arguments going on within the Christian community as 'professing to be wise they have become fools'!
Some guy who's spent more time watching Adam Sandler and Dave Chappelle then reading the scriptures throws out something ridiculous like 'well, men invent what words are offensive!' Where do these people come from?
Likewise with 'modesty' too many people spending their time reading Cosmo, Vogue, and watching VH1 then the scriptures. As to be expected, such speak out of their 'conformed' minds that are not being daily renewed by the word.
This brings me to a thought I had the other day, it's summertime and you see those signs posted
Now why are those things advertised? Who are they trying to attract? Maybe you might argue that bikini's are simply the swimwear of today and that it has nothing to do with sex, lust, or seduction. Believe me from the comments I've read in the past, there are people (including mothers) who say such things.
So dear wife, if you were driving with your husband and he read aloud 'BIKINI CAR WASH' and then whipped the car around towards the show, would your thoughts be 'i guess he wants the car to be clean!' or FATHER let's say YOUR daughter is on the dance/cheer leading (you know practice-stripper team) and one of your friends hears about a BIKINI CAR WASH the high school is doing and he says 'Hey If YOUR daughter is in it, then I really want to go' what do you think is going through his mind?
Quite amazing that the world blatantly uses the lust of the flesh to make a quick buck, while there are believers out there who so lack discernment that they would even suggest that these aren't really temptations!

I really hope NO believer is so THICK (British term for DUMB) as to allow their child to participate in such a thing! Jr high and high schools holding such events? Do you ever wonder if these are actually undercover cops trying to discover and incriminate ALL THE CHILD SEX OFFENDERS in your city????????

Praise God for balanced teachers

As I have said before, my heart's desire and my conviction is that God would have us to have sound theology AND sound living. Without a doubt I am MOST interested in learning from godly people who HAVE BOTH!!
WHY? Well in my Christian experience I've never had a lack of being exposed to ZEALOUS believers, I've never been surrounded primarily or for long around cold believers. My exodus out of extreme word of faith/prophetic heresy drove me to search the scriptures, drove me to salvation, and drove me to zeal for the will of God. Even in my previous Arminianism I wasn't interested in popular preachers, I didn't like or look up to the 'great' evangelists like Billy Graham etc.. I liked fireball preachers and I would literally visit as many churches as possible to get some heat (on Sun eve's or special nights)! I also became familiar with many biographies like Samuel Morris, Hudson Taylor, Finney, Billy Sunday, D.L Moody etc... I was attracted to Tozer, Ravenhill, Wilkerson, Steve Hill (who interestingly introduced me to many Calvinists/Puritans), Keith Green and many more.
Yet I had MANY unbalances thanks to these zealous but sometimes extreme teachings and lives of these men. There were books and quotes that so stuck in my mind that I despised those who didn't live up to these quotes, many times in pride I spent two plus hours a day because something Ravenhill said in 'why revival tarries' (although the spirit of what he said may be very true) yet I didn't have enough theology to filter such statements.
One way to test something that is said is to test it as if it was said by another (some will receive something because Washer, Tozer, Macarthur, Spurgeon... said it but would reject it if I or someone else said it). I see this often even within the blogosphere things being circulated not because of what was said but because of WHO said it (that's NOT a love of TRUTH, that's a love of MAN).
What then am I most thankful for? I am most thankful for preachers like Washer, Voddie Baucham, Albert Martin for their desire to be balanced in obedience to God. This is certainly why I've so loved the Puritans (the best of them) for their clear desire to have both sound theology AND sound living! What struck me and caused me to be an avid listener of Bro Paul Washer was NOT his missionary experience or the way he teaches the gospel, or his passion, but his very rare balance of ministry and family: that's what I MOST needed! I was the Believer who was in DANGER of looking at children and a wife as something which I would have to SACRIFICE in order to serve God. I thought of marriage and children as something good, but something i could enjoy UNTIL they got in the way and then I'd simply have to do the work of the ministry and then it would be up to my wife to SILENTLY and JOYFULLY serve me by not getting in the way and raising my children the way they should be raised. I'm reminded of this continually, I was reminded just recently as I went through Hudson Taylors life (again) and mourned over his constant separation from his children (who they sent back to England) and his wife, oh I would have done the same! I would have 'sought God' like Tozer and left my family in the dust and felt completely justified (like the Pharisees I would have said 'well I've devoted this gift (my time) to God, so I can't give it to you). Likewise I am most impressed with men who seek to implore believers to simply seek to GLORIFY God in ALL we do and in ALL our callings!
That's the simplicity of gospel living: FAITHFULNESS in our callings to the glory of God. Any other drum no matter the good intentions of the man isn't worth beating, whether's its 'eschatology' whether it's the importance of the local church, whether it's the study of languages, evangelism or even the need for revival, none of which compare to daily living to the glory of God! Oh preacher be ZEALOUS about gospel truth and gospel living to the glory of God, nevermind if you're not quoted, recommended, or honored among men, seek to POINT the body of Christ to the truth of Christ and to conformity to the will of Christ!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Paul Washer among the Urbanites in CHICAGO

This weekend Paul Washer will be at the Legacy Conference, sharing the stage with a variety of ministers who primarily minister through Holy Hip-Hop. What a testimony to the power of simple preaching of the word of God. 'Relevant?' A white country boy preacher going to minister for the third time among primarily black hip-hoppers?! Yes, absolutely relevant if you understand the foolishness of the cross and the power of the Gospel. Let this show those 'you gotta reach them where they are at' and those 'we need more contextualization' and those 'the best minister is the person who's been through what you're going through' crowd, how foolish and unbelieving they really are.

I've yet to find the opportunity to go, but what I've heard is ALL GOOD! Brother Washer has commented about how convicting the lives of these guys are, he's also commented on how funny some of them are. Once he told us that he was playing a (Holy Hip-Hop) CD in his car and looking in the rear view mirror was his son with his hoodie on bangin (you know, bobbing) his head to the music! Paul Washer is just one of those down to earth, serious about God brothers and he also spoke about how funny it was when one of the guys told brother David Miller (wheel chair, bible man) that he knew the secret to his incredible memory 'you're really Professor X!'.

Flame a incredibly talented, humble and good teacher who I've had the privilege of ministering with (when I out-of-the-blue @ 11pm after he did a concert invited him to come with me @ 8am the next morning to the juvenile jails),who introduced many (including me) to the name of Paul Washer in his testimonial song 'Give us the Truth pt 2'!

here's the verse:

Verse 3: But it was obvious/ God in His providence/ put me with people to guide me and got me out of this/ during a chapel service a cat name Paul Washer/ preach the gospel and drove me onto the Lord’s altar/ and I confess my sin/ and He pressed reset again/ I started over/ and felt like a soldier for Jehovah/ I called my old pastor and apologized for how I behaved/ but as of that day we agreed to go our separate ways/ met this girl named Beth who told me about her church home/ first I’d visit/ became a member/ and then it was on/ then the pastor gave me a stack of books/ now I’m back with raps and hooks/ took a summer and spent 300 dollars/ on tapes and books and learned from these Biblical scholars/ now I’m back and I’m walking in light livin’ my life glorifying Jesus the Christ

Paul Washer heard of this brother and met with him after numerous times encountering people saying 'hey you're the guy in the song'.

Here's just a piece from SHAI LINNE (one of the most profound artists ever-if you listen to him you are cultured!) concerning the first Legacy conf with Paul Washer

However, for me, the highlight of the conference came on Friday night after the breakout session. At around 10:30 p.m., I was about to leave and join some friends for a late dinner. I walked back into the room where I had been teaching to grab some things, and who did I see sitting there but Paul Washer! He wasn't scheduled to speak until the following day. However, he had flew in a day early and had some time to kill. Needless to say, my dinner plans were cancelled! Not wanting to waste this opportunity, myself and a few other brothers sat down and fired away questions. Brother Paul shared his experiences on the foreign mission field, the story behind the "shocking youth sermon", as well as fatherly counsel on life in general. He was very generous with his time. We talked about doctrine, missions, holiness and the glory of God until 3 a. m. ! It was glorious. It was particularly encouraging to see Brother Paul's response to what God is doing in the Christ-centered Hip-hop movement. He was taken aback to see young brothers dressed in baggy jeans with fitted caps and other hip-hop externals who were, at the same time, passionate about the glory of God, sound theology and magnifying the worth of Christ in their raps and lives. For me, it was yet another one of those "Lord, what am I doing here?" moments. ............ Just prior to meeting with Paul Washer, me and some of my brothers had been talking and praying about the need for older men in our lives who could teach us things that we can't learn from our peers. In many ways, we are a fatherless generation. And we are suffering because of it. We rejoiced as Paul Washer, without being aware of our conversation, addressed the exact same issues that we had been crying out to God about, almost verbatim.

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