Monday, August 3, 2009

a biblical church/ resources

A biblical church should look like? WHAT?

From the Heartcry Conference that just went on in Denmark
Here's a really good sermon concerning a biblical church and the importance of true fellowship

I LOVE Q&A! This one is truly a gem: The answers are biblical (holding high the sufficiency of scripture and the powerful working of the Spirit), very practical and illustrative, and for a change the questions are really good!
Some helpful tips on Evangelism, some balanced guidelines in examining and searching for saving fruit in a person, principles for preaching and more!

HERE (right click to download)
Pastor Kevin @ (who is probably drenched from soaking in the teaching and fellowship he received at the Heartcry conf in Denmark led by Paul Washer and Charles Leiter) preaches a sermon concerning what church should and should not be doing. If you agree with everything that is said you probably DON'T pastor a church (unless your church is quite different), however let me beg you to test yourself concerning any objections: will the objection follow this line of thinking, 'I disagree because the BIBLE says........' or will it go something like 'but every one's.... but I feel.....'. Well I don't know if I'd go as far as saying I agree with everything said, yet any disagreements I don't see worth mentioning, so enjoy! I especially like the point about the Pastors duty to 'equip' the saints doesn't mean to teach them how to evangelize (build that church) but to live out the callings we are given (like a young mother who NEEDS to be trained/equipped to fulfill her calling, yet who preaches that?).

Some of my thoughts on fellowship here


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