Monday, August 10, 2009

A call to the ministry

What constitutes a call to the ministry? What are some of the false motives for entering in it? What type of character must there be? What kind of confirmations? What kind of gifts/abilities are necessary?

Well I've recommeded this series before, but upon listening to it again I have to once again beg anyone who hasn't to listen to these very thorough and insightful messages. Pastor Albert Martin (over forty years as a pastor in New Jersey) is faithful to the texts, upholding the authority of scripture and the glory of God. Not your typical 'Baptist' preacher,
touching upon such issues as
the 'need of unction'
the need of theology: systematic, biblical, historical and experiential

  • I love the fact he stresses the need for pastors to be able to APPLY the scriptures to the problems that everyday people face

Pastor Albert Martin explained in one of the sermons, that a man who pretends to be called to the ministry that is more concerned and anxious to preach then he is concerned about personal holiness smells like a rat! He also explained how most seminaries would lose the majority of their students if you took out all the jokesters who don't tremble at God's word!

In the first sermon, he addresses six misguided/false reasons people atempt to enter the ministry:

1. An inaccurate estimation of their gifts (they believe they have something no one else sees)

2. An uncrucified lust 4 authority and attention

3. An unbalanced concept of spirituality (more grace-points for ministers??!!)

4.Inadequate view of the breadth of ministerial qualiofication (life of relaxation and reading??!!)

5. Unmet pyschological needs for identity (ministry= importance, insulation, isolation??!!)

6. Unsanctified/unwise ambitions of others ('You should be a preacher!' 'Kids, daddy and mommy want you to be missionaries!')

WANT MORE??? Listen yourself! Get the series HERE


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