Thursday, August 6, 2009

Great resources from Paul Washer

Here are the last two sermons from Paul Washer at the conference in Denmark. I have put them up because I believe they are especially helpful and powerful.

This addresses men and specifically ministers to take leaps of faith for God, to be biblical men and to especially be men DEVOTED to prayer. Certainly it's high time we stop worshipping these dead saints as special exceptions and begin to learn and follow their examples!!!

Likewise this sermon is an excellent one on a biblical family, how incredibly important for us all to grasp the biblical importance of our God given callings: the blessing contained in it and the cost of it!

I have only left one sermon from the conference and that is Bro Leiter's "Biblical elders" which although was a good overview I do however disagree with some of the points as needing more clarification/qualification to avoid extremes- At the cost of being misunderstood, I think it might be helpful to touch on my concerns:
Like the general comment of 'Baptists' in a negative sense having pastor elders who act as sole leaders with fellow elders doing whatever they say (although I don't belong to any Baptist group, it's simply not fair to speak so general, especially when there are many wonderful churches that don't do that and practice clearly equality among elders)
The answer concerning women house-church pastors in China, regardless of the supposed 'moving' of God or the terrible argument of women leaders in the bible (Esther, Deborah etc..) which are not the same as elders nor do they give us any exception, However the Word does give us WARRANT to 'judge' this as wrong, any thing else seems quite subjective, Bro Paul answered after Bro Leiter and addressed this in my estimation, much more biblically.
A smaller issue that stayed on my mind was concerning attire, suits and ties particularly: immediately my mind flashed to Martyn Lloyd-Jones' conviction on wearing a robe in 'Preaching and Preachers' as a distinguishing mark (though the elder isn't better than or a super Christian, they are DISTINCT in that they hold a higher office-more responsibility and more authority- even some who disagree don't do so in practice) this is not my view per se, for I'm comfortable with someone wearing anything, but I mention this because I think it's important to understand people's thoughts on this, not as LAW but as a matter of respect (as long as people think it's appropriate to wear suits to an interview, to funerals and to weddings, then I completely understand pastors and saints who think it's appropriate for the pulpit).


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