Friday, August 28, 2009

HELP 4 Training YOUR children

Surely this is a subject producing many opinions, I was reminded of this from some comments on concerning training and disciplining children, such as 'well my father told me......' 'what works for us is.........' and so on. The problem I hope any faintly familiar with scripture Christian would immediately recognize is the lack of 'the bible says.....'. Let us be resolved to accept nothing but what God would admonish us to do.
If you wish to save yourself much frustration and wish to raise your children in a God glorifying way then I would suggest some broad non-negotiables.
The first goal MUST be that you train your children for the glory of GOD! (rather then your pride or your comfort)
Second you must seek (as husband and wife) to be UNIFIED (encouraging one another and DEFENDING one another-take your spouses side before you take your child's side) in your decisions to train your children!
Thirdly you MUST be consistent (don't teach your children to only expect discipline when in a bad mood,or love when only in a good mood)

  • Consistent in discipline
  • Consistent in attention
  • Consistent in affection
  • Consistent in dependence upon God's help

I'm currently listening to this series by Pastor Albert Martin. If you really long for comprehensive and consistent expository and applicatory (experimental) preaching then this is the preacher for you. I grow tired of hearing 'listen to this...' or 'read this...' when it's really not that good, so if you want something more than the usual overview short series on children then I BEG you to listen to this series:


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