Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Jail ministry this week

I praise the Lord for those who lifted me up concerning the jails. Sunday I had a service which consisted of much (some heated) discussion on the Word Of Faith heresy, one guy just couldn't accept that these guys are frauds (referencing to the 'signs')-- what a shame, I begged for them to search the scriptures.
Tuesday went excellent, the Lord seemed to give unusual favor and a lot of guys commented on their new found understanding of the gospel and it's demands (praise the Lord), I had one juvenile whom I spent an hour with, then I had two services for the men (so from beginning to end 4hrs-exhausting to say the least).
How sad it is that I have to pause when men ask for a good church (how many churches would treat inmates as a special category??) Oh how I wish more men were interested in ministering to such souls!


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