Friday, August 21, 2009

Lyrics and Heresy

This song is by Lampmode's Stephen the Levite,
Lyrical theology to the max! This is what I call refined (Hip-Hop 'cultured') music!

QnA (Questions and Answers)
(2 Tim 2:15; 4:3, Prov 30:5-6)

Steve: Does it make sense for me to enter a prayer circle and say "amen"/ at the end when I didn't comprehend what they were sayin'? (hmm)/ Was the Holy Spirit given to Christians so when the rhythm is quickenin’/ He can hit ’em and get ‘em shakin’ and wigglin’? (ya listenin’) // If in the house of God hats are forbidden then how come/ the high priests weren’t permitted without them? (Uhh)/ And furthermore, did the Lord say he’d dwell in the four walls or/ in the hearts of those he secures? (that’s raw)// Can I be blunt for a minute?/ If it’s a sin to get drunk then what kinda Spirit makes you a fumbling idiot? (consider this)/ And when did it become known of the Holy Ghost/ to take control of folks and do things that the scriptures don’t promote (Umm)// And I hope you soak this in when you hear it:/ am I suppose to be your sin offering if you slay me in the Spirit? (where did they get it)/ and finally, whether it’s rhymed or preached/ are you dividing the Word or trusting your heart that it’s divine or tweaked?// No I'm not beefin’ with any denominations/ just relayin' the questions of a confused congregation/ and if possible, I'd like to give you some logical goggles/ with which, to examine the epistles, prophets and gospels/ specifically, First Corinthians fourteen: sixteen/ John fourteen through sixteen, back to First Corinthians/ chapter eleven, Acts seven verses forty eight through fifty/ Titus chapter two: one through six please/ First Corinthians fourteen: forty/ Leviticus chapter one and three and four: verse four B/ and fifteen and twenty-four and twenty-nine and thirty-three/ and once again back to First Corinthians fourteen: forty/ then Second Timothy two: fifteen and First Peter three: fifteen, and Jeremiah seventeen: nine/ it's time to rewind/ so you can write 'em down if you missed it/ Acts seventeen: eleven, don't get it twisted//


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