Sunday, August 2, 2009

Modesty? This is just the style

What some imagine to be biblical discussion or a matter of opinion is more akin to philosophy then they realize. I see some of the arguments going on within the Christian community as 'professing to be wise they have become fools'!
Some guy who's spent more time watching Adam Sandler and Dave Chappelle then reading the scriptures throws out something ridiculous like 'well, men invent what words are offensive!' Where do these people come from?
Likewise with 'modesty' too many people spending their time reading Cosmo, Vogue, and watching VH1 then the scriptures. As to be expected, such speak out of their 'conformed' minds that are not being daily renewed by the word.
This brings me to a thought I had the other day, it's summertime and you see those signs posted
Now why are those things advertised? Who are they trying to attract? Maybe you might argue that bikini's are simply the swimwear of today and that it has nothing to do with sex, lust, or seduction. Believe me from the comments I've read in the past, there are people (including mothers) who say such things.
So dear wife, if you were driving with your husband and he read aloud 'BIKINI CAR WASH' and then whipped the car around towards the show, would your thoughts be 'i guess he wants the car to be clean!' or FATHER let's say YOUR daughter is on the dance/cheer leading (you know practice-stripper team) and one of your friends hears about a BIKINI CAR WASH the high school is doing and he says 'Hey If YOUR daughter is in it, then I really want to go' what do you think is going through his mind?
Quite amazing that the world blatantly uses the lust of the flesh to make a quick buck, while there are believers out there who so lack discernment that they would even suggest that these aren't really temptations!

I really hope NO believer is so THICK (British term for DUMB) as to allow their child to participate in such a thing! Jr high and high schools holding such events? Do you ever wonder if these are actually undercover cops trying to discover and incriminate ALL THE CHILD SEX OFFENDERS in your city????????


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