Saturday, August 1, 2009

Paul Washer among the Urbanites in CHICAGO

This weekend Paul Washer will be at the Legacy Conference, sharing the stage with a variety of ministers who primarily minister through Holy Hip-Hop. What a testimony to the power of simple preaching of the word of God. 'Relevant?' A white country boy preacher going to minister for the third time among primarily black hip-hoppers?! Yes, absolutely relevant if you understand the foolishness of the cross and the power of the Gospel. Let this show those 'you gotta reach them where they are at' and those 'we need more contextualization' and those 'the best minister is the person who's been through what you're going through' crowd, how foolish and unbelieving they really are.

I've yet to find the opportunity to go, but what I've heard is ALL GOOD! Brother Washer has commented about how convicting the lives of these guys are, he's also commented on how funny some of them are. Once he told us that he was playing a (Holy Hip-Hop) CD in his car and looking in the rear view mirror was his son with his hoodie on bangin (you know, bobbing) his head to the music! Paul Washer is just one of those down to earth, serious about God brothers and he also spoke about how funny it was when one of the guys told brother David Miller (wheel chair, bible man) that he knew the secret to his incredible memory 'you're really Professor X!'.

Flame a incredibly talented, humble and good teacher who I've had the privilege of ministering with (when I out-of-the-blue @ 11pm after he did a concert invited him to come with me @ 8am the next morning to the juvenile jails),who introduced many (including me) to the name of Paul Washer in his testimonial song 'Give us the Truth pt 2'!

here's the verse:

Verse 3: But it was obvious/ God in His providence/ put me with people to guide me and got me out of this/ during a chapel service a cat name Paul Washer/ preach the gospel and drove me onto the Lord’s altar/ and I confess my sin/ and He pressed reset again/ I started over/ and felt like a soldier for Jehovah/ I called my old pastor and apologized for how I behaved/ but as of that day we agreed to go our separate ways/ met this girl named Beth who told me about her church home/ first I’d visit/ became a member/ and then it was on/ then the pastor gave me a stack of books/ now I’m back with raps and hooks/ took a summer and spent 300 dollars/ on tapes and books and learned from these Biblical scholars/ now I’m back and I’m walking in light livin’ my life glorifying Jesus the Christ

Paul Washer heard of this brother and met with him after numerous times encountering people saying 'hey you're the guy in the song'.

Here's just a piece from SHAI LINNE (one of the most profound artists ever-if you listen to him you are cultured!) concerning the first Legacy conf with Paul Washer

However, for me, the highlight of the conference came on Friday night after the breakout session. At around 10:30 p.m., I was about to leave and join some friends for a late dinner. I walked back into the room where I had been teaching to grab some things, and who did I see sitting there but Paul Washer! He wasn't scheduled to speak until the following day. However, he had flew in a day early and had some time to kill. Needless to say, my dinner plans were cancelled! Not wanting to waste this opportunity, myself and a few other brothers sat down and fired away questions. Brother Paul shared his experiences on the foreign mission field, the story behind the "shocking youth sermon", as well as fatherly counsel on life in general. He was very generous with his time. We talked about doctrine, missions, holiness and the glory of God until 3 a. m. ! It was glorious. It was particularly encouraging to see Brother Paul's response to what God is doing in the Christ-centered Hip-hop movement. He was taken aback to see young brothers dressed in baggy jeans with fitted caps and other hip-hop externals who were, at the same time, passionate about the glory of God, sound theology and magnifying the worth of Christ in their raps and lives. For me, it was yet another one of those "Lord, what am I doing here?" moments. ............ Just prior to meeting with Paul Washer, me and some of my brothers had been talking and praying about the need for older men in our lives who could teach us things that we can't learn from our peers. In many ways, we are a fatherless generation. And we are suffering because of it. We rejoiced as Paul Washer, without being aware of our conversation, addressed the exact same issues that we had been crying out to God about, almost verbatim.



What a blessing, when Paul gets to heaven he will see just how many people have been affected because of the time he gave these young guys

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