Monday, August 17, 2009

Paul Washer in MICHIGAN in OCT 09

Well I just confirmed some details about Bro Paul Washer's scheduled preaching in Michigan.
PLACE: Berean Baptist Church Livonia, MI
WHEN: October 18th – 23rd Sunday at 8:30 AM, 11:00 AM & 6:00 PM AND
Monday – Friday at 7:00 PM
Very Cool!!!!---He was there a few years back for the deliver Detroit series and although I didn't know of it, judging from the messages on Sermonaudio it was really good.
Personally I like these smaller settings, much easier fellowship.
Well I wanted to POST this just in case anyone remotely close who happened to stumble on this blog might be blessed, challenged and (for me) it would be cool to meet some new faces (so let me know if you plan to go)


Eric King

I am comming from Montague. I've been hoping that Paul Washer would come to the area. I just wish he would come and minister to the west side of Michigan as well. I'm extremely looking forward to being crushed by the work of the Holy Spirit through His servant Paul. I've been convicted and had my life changed every serman that I've listened to by the work of God through brother Paul. If anyone can make it, I STRONGLY recommend and encourage going. If you do bring a soft heart, listening ears and a spiritual seat belt.

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