Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Pray for me, ministry!

Well just got finished with a bible study at the Jails. On this floor the juveniles (who are being tried as adults) are separated, so it's a split class.
Well I thought I only had two hours but they gave me three, I'm just a little exhausted but I covet your prayers because I am covering this floor the next two weeks. I had two juveniles (that's all there is) and about 15 men and the great majority seemed very alert and moved!
Well this bible study unlike the Sundays are booked by the same people, and though I attempted to get this before I failed.
The lady who conducts this male bible study, is very Charasmatic to say the least and I can only imagine what's taught: so pray if the Lord would be pleased that I could get this service regularly!
Lots of questions and 'suggestions' from some of these guys so keep me lifted up PLEASE!!!



Will keep you in prayer brother and praise God for your ministry

We too have had wayward charasmatics put in our way as a hinderence. Satan plants them. But it's all in God's control.

Ryan Kasza


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