Friday, August 7, 2009

The Washer/Piper/MacArthur...Phenomenon!

Have you ever come to the conclusion about certain preachers like Paul Washer as PHENOMENONS? I mean the unusual anointing, the passion, the fruitful following, the many experiences, how else can it be explained but by 'wow!'?
Isn't it amazing how God raises up such men, men who are emboldened by the truth, a single eye to the glory of God, men who stand shoulders above the .......WAIT A MINUTE!!!!!!!
I hope at this moment you are GETTING SICK, and about to hit me hard with comments concerning my IDOLATRY!
Yet isn't this how many read biographies today? Aren't there a ton of Pastors who think and say things like 'Well, you can't compare me to this guy (living) or this guy (dead)'. Why not? What is it about them that stands apart? Nothing but the grace of God, what stood apart in Paul? "I am what I am by the grace of God...." When the Apostle Paul spoke of following by example did he ever give the impression 'Hey guys, just do YOUR best to be like Christ, because I'm an Apostle and you simply can't expect to be where I'm at EVER, but strive for better-than-most"???? OF course NOT! Even many of the men we call extraordinary hated the title, (like George Muellers' faith, in fact a major part of his convictions concerning trusting in God, were due to his desire to be an example to others so they would ALSO trust mightily in God!!).
Was Spurgeon an exception? Not if you consider his training BEFORE he was converted. We should be expecting similar effects when our children become adults (if only we would train them). The only thing that should NOT be expected nor coveted is FAME, because it's God's concern whether anyone will notice your work, such conditions don't indicate faithfulness or fruitfulness. In fact it's quite difficult to lead the flock if you teach them that degrees of holiness/devotion/faithfulness/fruitfulness are given to different degrees of ministers, this leads to ridiculous statements like 'Well of course you pray/study/live holy, because you are THE PASTOR' no the promises are to us ALL.
Do you not realize that there are Calvins/Spurgeons/Owens living today? What are their names? Nobody knows, their most likely men spilling their blood in hard to reach places who walk miles everyday through intense persecution and faithfully preach and teach the gospel daily- though their nobodies because no one's writing about them or publishing what they say. Likewise their are some mothers out there who through the anguish of an unbelieving husband who constantly persecutes her (thru ingratitude, thru neglect, thru immorality, thru worldliness, thru manipulation of the children) though she diligently serves him for decades, though her children favor the father she diligently intercedes for them and trains them in godliness---these are the SHINING nobodies in the kingdom.
I'll scream if I hear another person say, 'Well they (puritans, reformers, etc..) did have it easier, we have lots of demands and distractions'! NO they didn't have it easier, they had little medical help, they had no technology, they had no quick transportation, in fact they seem to have it MUCH harder, yet the reality is that they have the same opportunities and temptations that we do in that they fought the same enemies and had the same God of grace!
Oh let us look to the God of these men, and not to them. Let us follow them as they follow Christ, NO MORE NO LESS!


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