Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Let us Marvel at all that is His

Wonderful exhortation from brother Kevin @

Let Us Marvel At All That Is His
By Kevin Williams.I was dwelling on the words "he" and "his" in Psalm 147:16-17 "He giveth snow like wool ... He casteth forth his ice like morsels: who can stand before his cold?" and this led me to think on and rejoice in the beauty of God in nature and the weather.When you realize that each rain drop are his raindrops and the beams of light from the sun are his beams of light and the wind blowing through the trees is his wind, it brings a whole new dimension to the beauty of each day in Christ Jesus.I challenge you to each day behold the beauty and wonders of God in the weather and nature. Every time you see a flower, know it is his flower. When you see a leaf falling to the ground with such beautiful colours, it is his leaf and his wind that blows upon it. When you are in a storm, it is his storm. When you feel the crunch of snow underfoot, it is his snow.Let us not be slow in thanking God for every drop of his water that runs through his rivers and his streams. The rolling hills and valleys below are his hills and his valleys. The clouds in the sky are his clouds and the clear sky is his clear sky. The beautiful sunrise is his sunrise and the breathtaking sunset is his sunset.Beloved of God, this is true of every believer that we are his people. Let us marvel in all that is his and that he shares such wonderful beauty with us and he is not ashamed to call us his friend. We are his beloved.


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