Monday, September 14, 2009

Liberty with LOVE

Found this piece at the end of an article I quickly breezed through by Warren Wiersbe on Christian liberty, well he inserts this list a friend of his put together, which I thought was very good.
This has also been one of the thousands of things floating this busy head of mine. Sure when it comes to liberty, we can be quite crafty in what we'll try to pass as part of our freedom, yet in reality we are enslaved to them, be honest and face those things that are choking life out of you!
I would add two things to really consider before you defend your 'liberty'
1. WHEN was the LAST time (if EVER) you restricted yourself because of a 'weaker' brother/sister, when was the LAST time you surrendered some of your 'rights' for the sake of the gospel NOT being hindered???????
2. Parents be VERY careful not to enslave your children to anything, consider the message you proclaim to them, PROTECT them!!! (May God help us all in this!)
Principles on liberty: Here's the list.

(1) Liberty is constrained by our love of Christ. If you do not love Christ forget all the rest of the principles and do what you want.
(2) Liberty should not cause another person to stumble, be made weak, or turn from Christ. This is a major point. It is the only one that says that a person sins against Christ.
(3) Liberty should be edifying. Does your liberty build up the body of Christ?
(4) Liberty should not be enslaving. Can someone be enslaved by their liberty?
(5) Liberty should glorify Jesus. Does your liberty bring glory to Jesus?
(6) Liberty should help you toward your goal God has set.
(7) Liberty should be worthy of the gospel. Does your liberty hinder the gospel of Christ?


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