Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Lookin 4 real gospel preachers

What do you like in a gospel preacher? What are some things that spark your interest?
As for me when I hear of someone new or meet someone who talks about ministry and being called to it, there are certainly somethings that I'm looking for:

First let me say that I'm NOT even wondering (if they do have a church) how BIG is their church. I'm NOT wondering what school they went to or what letters are in front of their names.
I don't even wonder what denomination they are in. I don't really wonder who they like reading or listening to (primarily because that says very little unless they explain why they like them). I don't care if they are dispensational, CT, or New Covenant theologians. I don't care if they call themselves missional, Calvinist, or reformed.

I DO however have one thing I want to know about them, and that's their grasp of the GOSPEL! I want to know above anything else what kind of gospel do they preach. I don't mean do they agree with Grudem or Piper or Washer, I mean how EXACTLY do THEY preach this gospel! Sure men (like anyone else) can recite things they have heard and give you all the right answers, in fact they might be like the couch potato football coach who knows exactly what the team 'should' do, yet if you hand them the ball they fumble. When I say I want to know how they teach it, I also mean a whole lot more than the 'in 1 minute tell me the gospel' test.
Right doctrine of course, by this I mean a clear and biblical gospel, not necessarily like the Puritans or Calvin or even John Macarthur but a good grasp of justification, sanctification, and regeneration. Yet I'm looking for something more and I would hope and expect that you also desire to see much more than this.
I want to see the gospel preached personally!

  • containing a sense of URGENCY
  • containing a sense of intimate LOVE to Christ
  • containing a sense of passionate pleading for souls
  • containing a sense of personal awe and adoration (worship)
  • containing a sense of holy boldness (a firm belief in the POWER of the word)

It appears that there is a great lack of such preachers, and a preacher who can't preach Christ crucified should throw in the towel!


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