Wednesday, September 9, 2009

'Never join a church...' Spurgeon

Interesting statement? Well i was listening to one of those Spurgeon messages from cloudaudio which I have probably listened to before, well several things stuck out and here is one. A much needed message for all the experts (even teachers, elders, and deacons) within churches which are only committed to the leadership before their faces but secretly tear apart the church by their complaints and critiques.

Jesus, the King of truth by C.H. Spurgeon

If you love the Lord, bear witness to the truth. You must do it personally; you must also do it collectively. Never join any church whose creed you do not entirely and unfeignedly believe, for if you do you act a lie, and are, moreover, a partaker in the error of other men’s testimonies. I would not for a moment say anything to retard Christian unity, but there is something before unity, and that is, “truth in the inward parts” and honesty before God. I dare not
be a member of a church whose teaching I knew to be false in vital points. I would sooner go to heaven alone than belie my conscience for the sake of company. You may say, “But I protest against the error of my church.” Dear friends, how can you consistently protest against it when you profess to agree with it, by being a member of the church which avows it? If you are a minister of a church, you do in effect say before the world, “I believe and teach the doctrines of this church;” and if you go into the pulpit and say you do not believe them, what will people conclude? I leave you to judge that. I saw a church tower the other day, with a clock upon it, which startled me by pointing to half-past ten when I thought it was only nine; I was, however, quite relieved when I saw that another face of the clock indicated a quarter past eight. “Well,” thought I, “whatever time it may be,that clock is wrong, for it contradicts itself.” So if I hear a man say one thing by his church membership and another by his private protest, why, whatever may be right, he certainly is not consistent with himself.


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