Saturday, September 12, 2009

Other Preachers I listen to

I was thinking, that I've rarely referenced to non-Baptist preachers and yet this was NOT done intentionally. There are many brothers I love to listen to or would recommend to others.

Now much of what I'll say is simply my own taste and not necessarily my convictions:

I have found among Presbyterians or the like that I tend to like those who are from Europe (Scotland, England, Ireland), though some of them may be hard to follow (attention-wise) they have much content and much passion towards God. WAIT! "I thought that those (British etc..) were the dry, stoic types?" Need I mention the preachers/teachers of the past?

Preachers like:

Sinclair Ferguson

Iain Murray

Eric Alexander

Iain Hamilton

Which to me preach with much more passion and relevance then their American counterparts. I was once asked concerning Presbyterians 'Do you think they generally preach to the intellectuals, being more among the upper-classes...?'(not meant as a compliment)

Hmm, I'm slow to touch that, but there DOES seem to be a much greater IDOLIZATION of intellectualism in America and so it would seem reasonable to say those with more have much need to fight against it. It is my STRONG conviction that the wisest men are not those who cause people to say "Wow that guy is a genius, I don't have a clue what he said but it sure was DEEP!" That my friend is the response the philosopher seeks but it should be the LAST thing we seek. Of those I have listed, they are men who preach with simplicity though they could easily use their knowledge to impress the masses. Praise God for the great minds that have refused to give in to such idolatry, like Spurgeon and Lloyd-Jones (it's quite possible to be profound and yet simple/understandable).

I also like Joel Beeke, who certainly has MUCH passion for truth and for the Lord, though at times I struggle to listen to him unless I've had caffeine!

Well I'll leave it at that for now! One day I'll make some more recommended sermon links including some of the sermons I love the most from these guys.


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