Saturday, September 5, 2009

Resting in the Sovereignty of God

The ONLY way we find rest in the Sovereignty of God is NOT through knowing He's in complete control or has a plan, which doesn't bring any comfort to a distressed soul. The only thing that truly brings comfort to a soul is KNOWING the God who is in control.
A parent may with every fiber of their being promise their child 'I'll never let ANYTHING happen to you!' which they may fully 'wish' to fulfill, YET the problem is not desire or honesty; the problem is ABILITY! It's been said 'the best of men, are men at best' which says much about the character of men, on the contrary the Lord Most High has no unfulfilled 'intentions', because He does not lack 'ability'. Concerning the 'desires' of God, they are ONLY good towards His people, He 'DELIGHTS' in doing good to His children and the greatest good which God does for His children is working out all things in such a way that we may be conformed to the likeness of Jesus Christ!
Why then is this the greatest good? First your joy will be found ultimately in the fulfillment of the intended purpose for your creation (bearing God's image). Secondly God has an eternal view, a perspective that far exceeds the present, which is why the apostle Paul could speak of his trials as 'momentary and light'; Our eternal God works from the result, taking His sheep through rough paths which eventually ALWAYS lead to still waters!
We find rest in the promises of God! We find rest in the wisdom of God! We find rest in the power of God! Yet what exceeds or upholds these truths is the LOVE of God towards us!


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